Fancy colored stones Toi et Moi engagement rings

15 Enchanting Toi et Moi Rings To Elevate Your Love Story

The design of the Toi Moi ring exquisitely illustrates the essence of unity in diversity, in which two distinct elements coexist harmoniously to create something exceptional.

Two individuals share experiences, happiness, and grief in a love relationship. But what makes this kind of aspect more adorable then a Toi et Moi ring is the answer. The term Toi et Moi refers to a French word that means "You and Me."

This ring design prepares a roadmap of love and devotion between two love partners and guides them at all moments. To symbolize the union of two spirits in love, these one-of-a-kind rings feature two prominent gemstones, typically diamonds, set side by side.

Toi et Moi rings have been famous around since the early 19th century, a time of love, revolution, and the beginning of a new age. These rings are not only jewelry but also tangible expressions of love and partnership, and they hold a unique position in history.

Historical significance adds to the allure of Toi et Moi-designed rings. They have been associated with notable figures and significant historical events, making them iconic in and of themselves.

In addition to their symbolic significance, the beauty of Toi et Moi rings rests in their exquisite design. Other gemstone combinations, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, and aquamarine, are colorful and significant diamond alternatives. The shared prong setting that holds the two gemstones together enables them to "embrace" another, symbolizing an eternal embrace.

There is a choice to pick a natural or lab-grown diamond that represents luxury and elegant appearance on the personality. But apart from that, Moissanite is the best diamond alternative choice for the Toi Moi rings with the cheap costs and ideal quality structure material.

History Behind Toi et Moi Rings

Toi et Moi rings, named for their unusual pattern of two gemstones set side by side, have an extensive and colorful past that can be traced all the way back to the early 19th century. In its true meaning from French as "you and me," the phrase "Toi et Moi" captures the spirit of romantic collaboration and oneness.

These rings became popular during the Napoleonic period in France, a time of significant social upheaval. The iconic Toi et Moi engagement ring, with a pear-shaped sapphire and a pear-shaped diamond set in gold, was given to Josephine de Beauharnais by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1796. This famous hug between two famous people cemented the fashion's position in history.

When two people wear matching gemstone bands that say "Toi et Moi," it symbolizes their souls coming together in perfect harmony. This design, which has two stones, has stood the test of time because it symbolizes infinity and togetherness in love.

Toi et Moi rings have been a classic symbol of love and commitment for centuries, and their rich history only adds to their attraction. Even now, people still get emotional when they see these rings because they represent a commitment to each other that will endure forever.

The Symbolism Behind Toi et Moi Rings

The symbolic significance behind the Toi et Moi rings is beautiful and touching. Picture a pair of diamonds, or any precious stone, nestled tightly next to one another. Every gemstone represents an individual, two souls joining hands on a common journey. They represent the complementarity of a pair of people who each offer their own set of skills, life experiences, and aspirations to the relationship.

The unique design of the Toi Moi ring defines love and unity between two passionate love birds. The original word "Toi et Moi" came from French, which means "You and Me." This ring attribute adds more value and emotional connection among other designs.

The prong settings hold every gem efficiently, protecting the color shade and symmetrical balances. Most engaged couples prefer the Toi Moi ring in prong settings just because of their additional security features and bypass bands. Like two lovers who embrace each other's lives, dreams, and futures, the stones appear to be clinging to one another.

Toi et Moi rings serve as a constant reminder that love is not about sacrificing one's identity but rather about enhancing it with the help of one's spouse. They symbolize the promise to stand by each other's side through life's joys and challenges.

Toi et Moi rings are frequently chosen for engagements and anniversaries because of their romantic associations. They are an ever-present reminder of two people's lovely journey when "You and Me" become "Us," and love develops into a shared adventure.

Which Is The Best Gemstone For Toi et Moi Ring?

When it comes to selecting gemstones for Toi Moi rings, some aspects should be considered. If individuals completely ignore these factors, they are obviously failing to get a beautiful appearance. Also, without acknowledging those aspects will undoubtedly lead them to overspend.

Those aspects include quality, costs, brilliance, durability, affordability, ethical and environmental considerations, and customizations. Every of these has more significance in the selection and persistence of rings.

There are four core options to choose a gemstone from in Toi et Moi rings: 1. Natural Diamond, 2. Lab-grown Diamonds, 3. Colored Gems, and 4. Simulant Diamonds.

But do you know which stone is the beyond of these other gems?

Only "Moissanite."

Moissanite stands out as a superb option when it comes to picking the ideal gemstone for a Toi et Moi ring. The compelling combination of brilliance, toughness, and affordability Moissanite offers makes it the perfect gemstone for this distinctive and significant ring design.

Let's understand why Moissanite is preferred over precious natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds as alternatives.

  • Brilliance:

Moissanite's brilliance is frequently contrasted with the glow of diamonds. It means Moissanite won from the costly diamonds in brilliance aspect. Your Toi et Moi ring will stun and enthrall anybody who sees it owing to its extraordinary fire and brightness. The ring's dual-stone construction brilliantly enhances Moissanite's inherent capacity to absorb and reflect light.

  • Durability:

According to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Moissanite is one of the hardest gemstones, coming in just below diamonds. The score of Moissanite on the Mohs scale is 9.25 out of 10. Your Toi et Moi ring will be able to resist the abuse of daily wear thanks to its outstanding durability, which makes it the ideal option for an engagement or commitment ring that will last a lifetime.

  • Affordability:

Moissanite provides a more affordable diamond option without sacrificing its beauty or brilliance. If you choose Moissanite, the Toi et Moi ring can have a larger, more brilliant gemstone while still staying within your budget. Due to this, it is a desirable choice for couples searching for a beautiful ring without the hefty price tag.

  • Ethical and Environmental Considerations:

Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone that doesn't involve unethical mining practices or environmental concerns associated with natural gem extraction. It adheres to contemporary ethical and sustainable sourcing standards and is a conflict-free and environmentally friendly option.

  • Customization:

Customization is possible with moissanite because of its range of forms, sizes, and cuts. You can select the Moissanite gemstones that best symbolize your and your partner's tastes, allowing you to design a genuinely one-of-a-kind Toi et Moi ring.

Let's see some of the best stylish and beautiful Moissanite Toi et Moi Rings designs.

Best But Affordable Toi et Moi Rings

In these best but affordable Toi et Moi rings the elonagated to square shaped Moissanite stones are used. All of the Moissanite made with the best ethical practices and remains a high quality in all pertaining benchmarks. Here, a yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver and platinum metal bands are used that adds different value to the ring.

As a buyer, you can select one of the beautiful metal tones from the gold, platinum and silver. There is a choice to pick a colorless to a fancy color stones according to the personal preferences.

The list of 15 enchanting Toi Moi ring mentioned below.

  1. Heart Purity Ring
  2. OEC Moissanite Ring: The Tradition Back To Era
  3. Combination Of Unique Style and Beauty Ring
  4. Antique Toi et Moi Ring
  5. Fancy Greyish Colored Ring
  6. Love Equality Ring
  7. Vintage and Unique Toi et Moi Ring
  8. Traditional and Modernized Ring
  9. Stylish and Trustworthy Ring
  10. Modern and Fashionable Ring
  11. Brilliant Cut Stone Ring
  12. Champagne Colored Ring
  13. Pear and Princess Cut Ring
  14. Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring
  15. Green Emerald and Pear Cut Ring

1. Heart Purity Ring In Pear and Emerald Cut

Yellow Gold Toi et Moi ring with pear and yellow champagne emerald cut Moissanite

This Toi Moi ring is made with two differently shaped stones: 1. Colorless pear and 2. Yellow emerald cut. Here, an elongated pear shaped Moissanite has 1.50 carats weight and VVS clarity. While a 2.00 carat yellow emerald cut has VS clarity grade where the blemished remains in a little size. The 18kt simple thick band decorates this ring as a "Heart Purity" for passionate individuals.

For a beautiful and stylish Toi et Moi ring, the combination of sharp edged pear shaped stone and chocolate emerald cut is the perfect choice. Considering the best clarity and carat weights, the ring appears to be the real face of a love relationship.

2. OEC Blue Round Two Stone Moissanite Ring

This bypass band ring is made with blue colored old European cut Moissanite stones. The flower pattern facets on the round European cut stones drive more brilliance to the overall ring. Here, 5.65 carat weighted stones are placed in the six claw prong settings, providing durability to the overall structure. 18KT white gold metal enhances the beauty of this woman's Toi Moi ring.

Unlike the usual Toi Moi ring, using the two same shaped stones shows the emotional attachment that signs in a love relationship. There is no competition exists. Every individual in love has the same significance; without one, another person can't enjoy and share the experiences.

3. Pear And Emerald Cut Two Stone Moissanite Ring

[Pear And Emerald Cut Two Stone Moissanite Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

In this ring's 2.00 MM band, 18kt white gold metal is added that complements the 1.75 carat weight colorless pear shaped Moissanite. While a square green Asscher cut ethical gemstone features a 9.60*7.00 MM dimension, meaning its L/W ratio is 1.37:1. Many jewelry connoisseurs emphasize picking square shaped stones in ideal L/W ratio and color grades.

Using VVS clarity graded green Asscher cut Moissanite intends to bring harmony and peace in a love nexus. With the usage of fancy to deep green colored gems, the Toi et Moi ring features a versatile and gorgeous appearance on the hands. The ring's prong settings always matter in these kinds of engagement rings because it's connected to durability.

4. Antique Toi et Moi Ring: A Distinctive Choice

Champagne brown shade antique shield cut Moissanite Toi Moi ring in yellow gold band

Every individual who seeks the unique touch to their pre-engagement or engagement ring in Toi et Moi style they must select this ring. In this 18kt white gold ring, a 1.30 carat weighted brown champagne colored shield cut Moissanite is placed with covering bezel prong settings. While the half moon cut adds some special value to the ring that looks more precious on the hands of recipients.

Apart from antique shield cut Moissanite stones, there are plenty of choices to select from, like butterfly cut, cat, or bull cut gems at affordable costs and certifications. Consider the clarity grades and dimensions when picking the gemstone for the ring, whether it's in a usual white color or fancy shades.

5. Asscher And Pear Cut Toi Moi Moissanite Ring

[Asscher And Pear Cut Toi Moi Moissanite Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

Are you looking for a distinctive piece in the Toi et Moi ring? Then here is the most beautiful design we have kept for you. The greyish color radiant and pear shaped Moissanite delivers style and beauty to the hands of recipients. A 2.40 carat radiant cut and pear stone with 1.15 carat decorate the ring very effectively, especially for the engagement ring.

When selecting the same colored stones in the Toi et Moi ring, consider the right metal tone selections. For that, you have five choices: 1. Platinum, 2. White Gold, 3. Yellow Gold, 4. Rose Gold, and 5. Silver. There's no large difference in the shade of silver, platinum, and white gold metals. But, for a luxurious choice, every individual go with platinum instead of shining silver.

6. Double Pear Cut Stone Engagement Ring

Two double pear cut moissanite Toi Moi ring in VVS clarity grade

Selecting the same shape dimensioned gemstone in the ring helps to establish equality in the relationship. Romantic love relations depend on equality and compassion. So, are you searching for that attribute in an engagement ring? Then, it's best to pick a double pear cut Toi et Moi ring where the two stones remain, "You and Your Love Partner."

Usually, in the Toi et Moi engagement ring, different shaped and color shade gems are used, but few committed couples pick only a similar shape. Because they think competition shouldn't exist at any cost in their love life. Meanwhile, opting for a combination of colorless and fancy colors like yellow, blue, or black features a dazzling beauty. Pick the metal from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, and platinum, coherent to your preference and budget for purchase.

7. Vintage Toi Moi Ring: The Combination Of Tradition and Modern World

Blue green octagon and shield cut vintage ring

Select the Toi et Moi design with yellow gold or platinum metal for a unique and vintage ring style combination. With antique octagon cut and shield cut, Moissanite stones feature a wonderful appearance to the personality. The meaning of the unique ring is the "Distinctive Piece Of Love" that relates to the emotions of the giver. That's why most couples prefer customization in the rings, and they engrave a secret romantic message on the band, such as promise rings.

The prong settings of the rings hold a different value and deliver more security. The bezel set and claw prong settings make the durability of the stones the finest and, with it, make the appearance gorgeous. The tapered and reverse tapered gold band in the Toi et Moi rings conveys love and passion.

8. Round Brilliant and Step-cut Emerald Stone Ring

Round and Emerald cut Moissanite Toi et Moi ring for her

Have you ever asked your lover, "How do they love you and dedicate themselves to you?" You say, of course, this question is fundamental to every love relationship. If you want to confidently express your belief and endearment towards your partner for an engagement proposal, then this emerald cut Toi et Moi ring is a perfect choice. The four claw prongs hold the 2.50 carat weighted rectangular emerald cut stone, and the 2.55 carat round brilliant cut adds more value to the 18kte white gold band.

Using a round brilliant cut stone in colorless grades complies with nature and the environment and drives more positivity in the personality. While a step-cut fancy emerald cut Moissanite features an elegant appearance. These two types of stones are frequently used in wedding rings and bands, so you can opt for them with the conjunction of gold or platinum.

9. Round and Oval Cut Ring

5.00 carat weighted Toi et Moi ring in yellow gold band

Have you seen this kind of ring? What did you notice? You say there is a round and oval cut stone placed in the prong settings with the yellow gold band. Yes, you're right. But beyond your thinking, this ring design appreciates the ups and downs of life that every individual has to face. If an individual is lonely, then sometimes the solution does not exist, but with a spouse's support, they can solve any problem together.

The intention behind shopping of this Toi Moi ring features the flexibility and trustworthiness factor in a relationship. The round brilliant cut stone stands for flexibility and trustworthiness added by the oval cut. You can select 1.00 to 3.00 carat weights per your preference and personal value. The Toi et Moi ring range's cost varies from design to gem quality selection.

10. Heart & Old Mine Cut Cushion Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring

[Heart & Old Mine Cut Cushion Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

In a love relationship, individuals are emotionally attached, making this connection more adorable and respectful. A heart and emerald cut Moissanite ring is the perfect selection. The Toi et Moi ring style will bring these fancy shaped stones an ideal and stylish appearance. In this yellow gold ring, 1.20 carat colorless heart cut stone and 1.30 carat emerald stone got durability from the prongs settings.

In many love relationships, sometimes competition exists, such as a woman having more professional skills than a man, which affects the man's attitude. From here, many problems and issues arise, pushing the relationships to separation, breakup, or divorce, too. None of them wants to do this kind of wrong task. So, the Toi et Moi ring will decrease the separation risk and stabilize the relationship.

11. Marquise And Radiant Cut Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring

[Marquise And Radiant Cut Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

The fancy color Moissanites are assigned to various attributes and elements that lead individuals to massive success and accomplish every dream. For example, brown champagne colored stones referred to resilience, safety, and security. While a grey shade represents neutrality and balance in the love relationships. This engagement ring is the perfect selection if you want to gift those attributes to your fiancee.

Every individual comes with some aspirations in the relationship, and all want to complete it together. Offering a fancy and modern ring with real emotions leads the love life to new heights. Many of the love birds achieve a happier and more enjoyable love relationship with this kind of act. As you wish to experience those feelings, pick a colored ring, especially in a Toi et Moi style.

12. Pear and Princess Cut Moissanite Ring

Pear and princess cut ring for her

The combination of square and elongated shapes of Moissanite stones always secures different places in the lover's hearts. They always remain beautiful and draw brilliance in every moment, teaching lovers to stay happy in every aspect of life. This Toi et Moi ring used a square brilliant princess cut and pear shaped stone with 1.45 and 1.80 carat weights, respectively. A precious platinum metal band is added to give an extraordinary appearance to the ring.

Toi et Moi rings feature not only love and romance but with that, it increases effective communication from both sides. In some love relationships, one partner always stays talkative, and the other keeps their mouth shut, which is not good for a healthy love nexus. Selecting this ring design brings positivity to a love life and increases communication; it feels like a blessing.

13.Toi Et Moi Emerald And Round Cut Moissanite Ring

[Toi Et Moi Emerald And Round Cut Moissanite Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

The grey color represents neutrality and balance in life. In this Toi Moi ring, 2.40 carat-weighted radiant cut and 1.00 carat round brilliant Moissanite are used in the vivid grey shade. The VVS clarity grade mossanite stones have minimal blemishes and inclusions on the surfaces. 18kt white gold metal band adds more valuable insights into the adorable ring.

There is a choice to pick a yellow-colored cushion or blue shade emerald cut Moissanite stone for a yellow gold band. You have to pay attention to carat weight selection and personal preferences. For example, for a more contemporary engagement ring, you can go with the infinity band in square colored Moissanite stones.

14. Blue Sapphire and Pear Cut Stone Ring

Gemstone and Moissanite Toi et Moi Ring

A personalized engagement ring with gemstone and 14kt yellow gold brings an ideal and stylish appearance to the personality. To confidently succeed in the engagement proposal, a gemstone Toi et Moi ring is the perfect selection, especially in the 1.80 MM yellow gold band. A blue colored sapphire gemstone features elegance, and colorless pear cut Moissanite sprinkles the brilliance.

This ring is an eye-catching selection for those individuals who are actively looking for gemstone and diamond engagement rings without any heavy load of prices. So, they opted for ethical Moissanite stones and favorite gemstones in colors with silver or rose gold bands. They already understand that Moissanite is the 1st ranked diamond alternative and offers affordable prices.

15. Emerald & Pear Cut Moissanite Toi Moi Ring

Greenish emerald and pear cut Moissanite ring for engagement proposal

Toi et Moi ring stands for "You and Me," which drives a more profound and deep love relationship between two individuals. Couples seek something unique that complies with their aspirations, like brilliance, versatile appearance, and adorable personalities. So for them, a white colored pear and green emerald cut Moissanite ring is the perfect choice, especially with the yellow gold.

The intention behind selecting pear cut Moissanite in the ring is to bring motivation to love life. While a green emerald cut stone reflects individuals' emotions, positivity, and peace. When selecting a Toi Moi ring with fancy colors, consider that many options are available, from fancy to deep or dark shades. Pick at least one according to your personal preference and values.


Every love relationship has its own definition, but the common theme is "Love, Dedication, and Romance" between two individuals. They exchange pre-engagement, engagement, and wedding rings to make this aspiration robust. The Toi et Moi ring is one of the famous designs that is loved by worldwide couples and jewelry enthusiasts.

In the history of Toi et Moi rings, the intention behind the offering is to express love and equality in a love relationship. This ring design was made with natural gemstones and diamonds at that time. While there were no Moissanite stones used. With the customizations, individuals add some additional value to the overall ring.

The Toi Moi ring symbolism defines a different personality that comes from different aspirations and dreams to accomplish with the support of lover partners. These ring designs are often selected for promise rings or Valentine's Day wedding proposal ring with fancy colored stones and gold band. While there is no limit to choosing this ring only for engagement rings, individuals can take this beautiful ring style in their wardrobe for any occasion.

Talking about the gemstone selection in the Toi Moi ring then, there are four choices are available: 1. Natural Diamonds, 2. Lab-grown Diamonds, 3. Colored Gemstones, 4. Simulant Diamonds. All of these gems have their own elements, and for that reason, they were picked in Toi et Moi rings.

But Moissanite always remains high in every aspect among of these stones. Ethical Moissanite stones have brilliance, cheap costs, durability, and variations that suit every individual's style and preference.

We mentioned the best 15 Toi et Moi rings here, and they can be selected for promise rings and engagement rings. Meanwhile, a wedding set with an infinity gold band in Toi et Moi style reflects the honest and real face of the love relationship. Every individual wants to make their love moments memorable and ideal that always remains fresh.

So are you ready to make your those moments fresh and memorable then click the below button to book your own personalized design.