There are two different flow of selling product.

When you purchase the product at the store. You get the product from the following channel.

Manufacturer → Whole seller → Distributor → Store → Customer

In this flow, all parties which are including in this process include their own benefit charge in the price of the product, so when you get a product. it is becoming expensive.

when you purchase from the online store. You get the product from the following channel Manufacturer → Customer

In the above flow you can see that the product is direct supply to you by Manufacturer .so other parties are not participating in this process.

All items listed in my store are available in 925 Sterling Silver, 935 Argentium Silver, 10K, 14K, 18K Solid Gold and Platinum.

I provide 925 sterling silver, 935 Argentium silver and 10k Solid gold Jewelry with a stamped mark.I offer 14k, 18k Solid gold Jewelry with a standard hallmark.

If you want rhodium plated silver Jewelry, I can make for all of three-tone (i.e., rose, yellow, white).

Let me tell you that rhodium can be worn off over time. So, it needs gentle care of rhodium-plated Jewelry.Jewelry made with 10K, 14K, and 18K solid gold, cannot be a change in its original tone.

I have my unit of making Moissanite. As we have EGL, IGI, GIA Certificate for a Natural diamond, there is no standard certificate worldwide, which I can offer for surety.

But I make sure you that you can test it with diamond tester as well as you can also verify it with the nearest jewelry store.I give you lifetime warranty about my jewelry and stone.

Yes, Sure. I have a wide variety of cuts and colorsI offer more than 15 cuts in Moissanite

Which includes, Brilliant Cut, Old Mine Cuts & Old European Cuts.I Offer Colorless, Near-Colorless, Off White, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Regular Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Regular Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black Moissanite.

All my gemstones are some of the best quality used in fine Jewelry globally. I also provide natural, semi-precious, and synthetic gemstones with a certificate of a local certification agency.

Yes, I can customize a payment plan for you, please contact me.

If you purchase from the listed items, Jewelry will ship it within 14 working days.

If you’re ordering a customized design, it may take longer time and for that, you need to contact me.

If you’re ordering for a specific occasion contact me before placing an order, so I can give you a better commitment.