Diamond Certification

Lab Grown Diamond Certification (most commonly from labs IGI, EGL, SGL, GIA, and Ouros Authentic Certificate) is a physical and electronic document you receive from authentic 3rd party labs that describe a diamond's characteristics.

Diamond certification is the evidence that your purchased diamond passed all the decided standards by authentic laboratories like GIA and IGI.

What is certified diamond?

When you purchase the diamond you make sure that is is real and you don't cheated by seller, right? But, free to purchase a Diamond with certification because Certified Diamond is approved by third party trustworthy labs.

Certification report carries all information about Diamonds 4cs, Symmetry, Dimension, Fluorescence. So always purchased Certified Diamonds for your engagement rings and wedding accessories.

In SGL certified diamonds you can easily founds the 4cs with exact proportions. There is no need to cross check because SGL lab has experienced quality inspector who checks the diamond quality. You can tell us you want SGL certified lab diamonds which we can give you.*

Why You Can Purchase Lab Grown Diamonds From Ouros Jewels?

Ouros Jewels carries only the best clarity graded diamonds which you can see in the certification report. Lab Grown Diamonds are made from artificial methods, but sometimes the impurities surge sparks on the surfaces. As a result, the clarity of the diamond scale at like SI1 or I2.


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