[December birthstones displayed Tanzanite on the top platform, Turquoise on the right, and Zircon on the left. The text 'December Birthstones' is above the stones.]-[Golden Bird Jewels]

December Birthstones Tanzanite History, Meaning and Care Tips

The birthstones for December month are tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon. These three brilliant gems each have a unique beauty and meaning. The bright colors of these stones are precious, as are the special qualities they provide to December kids.Turquoise has become famous for its beautiful blue-green color. 

Tanzanite is known for its rich blue-violet colors and zircon for its brilliant purity. To help you in finding and caring for December birthstone jewelry. The following piece will examine the unique features and qualities of these jewels. It will also cover the history of these jewels. These stones offer a feeling of richness and purpose for gifts or purchasing for yourself. 

Tanzanite Birthstone

Meaning Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is thought to stand for change and spiritual growth. It is linked to peace, higher thinking, and intuition. Many believe it helps get rid of negative feelings and brings a sense of calm and balance. 

Tanzanite is also said to improve speaking and understanding, making it popular for those seeking personal growth and spiritual development. Its lovely blue-violet colors are seen as a sign of its calming and uplifting energy.

Characteristics Of Tanzanite Birthstone

Tanzanite is famous because of its unusual capacity to show three distinct colors violet, burgundy, and blue depending on the angle at which it is seen. An incredible property which improves every Tanzanite diamond's unique beauty and interest is trichroism.

[Image showcasing the colors of Tanzanite gemstones. Five Tanzanite stones are displayed in various cuts, highlighting their deep blue-violet hues. The text 'Colors of Tanzanite' is positioned above the stones]-[Golden Bird Jewels]

Tanzanite is a popular gemstone because of its ability to the colors to collaborate, giving it a sense of depth and magic. Its attractive beauty and the way it changes color when seen from various angles make it an excellent option for jewelry. Tanzanite's amazing visual qualities have the power to enthrall both dealers and gem lovers.

History Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite, the exquisite gemstone, was initially discovered in the Merelani Hills. These hills are located in northern Tanzania. This remarkable stone can only be found in this specific location on our planet. Jewelers and gem believers quickly attracted to the rich blue and violet tones that touched the African sunset. Tanzanite's unique color and rare have made it more valuable in the world of luxurious jewelry. 

Tanzanite is a popular option for everyone who wants something really special because of its beautiful look and unique origin. The impressive attraction and limited supply of this gemstone continues to attract in affection from jewelry lovers and buyers all over worldwide.

Turquoise Birthstone

Meaning Of The Turquoise

There is a deep cultural and historical meaning to the birthstone turquoise. These bright blue-green diamonds indicate luck, healing, and safety. Many cultures have revered turquoise for centuries due to its capacity to defend off negative energies and create balance and harmony. 

It was viewed as important by Native Americans, who utilized it as a potent magic and in events. Ancient Egyptians used it to make pendants for secure travel. A popular gemstone for people looking for harmony and good feelings in their life, turquoise also aids in emotional stability and clear conversation.

Characteristics Of Turquoise

The bright blue to green color and frequently characteristic veining or matrix patterns of turquoise birthstone are among its characteristics. This stone can be used in many different kinds of designs for jewelry because of its in comparison soft Mohs hardness of 5 to 6. A glossy to matte shine reflects the transparent properties of turquoise.

[Image showcasing the colors of Turquoise gemstones. Eight round Turquoise stones are displayed, highlighting their blue-green hues and characteristic veining. The text 'Colors of Turquoise' is positioned above the stones. Turquoise is known for its vibrant color and is a popular December birthstone]-[Golden Bird Jewels]

The southern United States, Iran, and Egypt are among the dry regions in which it is frequently seen. According to legend, this diamond provides luck, security, and healing. A popular choice for jewelry, turquoise is a symbol of timeless beauty and cultural history because of its unique color and value in history.

History Of Turquoise

Turquoise has been important for many thousands of years and has great historical value. Ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Native Americans were towards the people who accepted turquoise for its beauty and believed it had medicinal and protective qualities. It was frequently used in jewelry, jewelry, and ceremonial goods. 

Turquoise was used as jewelry for the interred bodies of kings of Egypt in ancient Egypt as a symbol of their power and infinity. Native American tribes used it in flesh out jewelry designs and ceremonies, taking it as a holy stone. Because of its brilliant blue-green color and long history, turquoise is still valued as a gemstone in multiple cultures all over the world.

Zircon Birthstone

Meaning Of Zircon

The meaning of Zircon is related to protection, wealth, and knowledge. It has been said that wearing this gemstone will give wealth and beauty to the wearer. In addition, a lot of people believe that zircon has relaxing qualities that can reduce tension and promote peaceful sleep. 

It is known as a stone of goodness, giving courage and self-assurance. Zircon is also said to improve spiritual growth and mental clarity. It is a well-liked option for anybody in search of jewelry with both beauty and powerful meaning because of its shining beauty and good qualities.

Characteristics Of Zircon

The birthstones composed of zircon have a few special characteristics. They are famous for having unique fire and brightness, which can be compared to diamonds. Zircon can be bought in blue, yellow, green, red, and visible colors, among others. Because of its high refractive index, it sparkles brightly. 

[Image showcasing the colors of Zircon gemstones. Multiple Zircon stones are displayed in various cuts, highlighting their bright blue color and brilliance. The text 'Colors of Zircon' is positioned above the stones. Zircon is known for its sparkling beauty and is a popular December birthstone]-[Golden Bird Jewels]

The diamond is suitable for daily use because of its relatively high Mohs hardness Further to having natural clarity, zircon may be heated to enhance its color. Zircon is popular for jewelry because of its brilliant colors. It is also valued for its durability and beauty

History Of Zircon

The History of zircon birthstone is known for its rare flame and sparkle, which are sometimes compared with the qualities of diamonds. Zircon exists with multiple colors, including clear blue, yellow, green, and red. It is very bright and shines because of its high refractive index. With a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5, zircon is extremely strong and may be used for many kinds of jewelry items. Added to its built-in purity, this gem's color can also be improved by heat treatment. Zircon is a favorite choice for many jewelry attracts due to its durability and sparkling beauty.

Characteristics Of Zircon

The birthstones composed of zircon have a few special characteristics. They are famous for having unique fire and brightness, which can be compared to diamonds. Zircon can be bought in blue, yellow, green, red, and visible colors, among others. Because of its high refractive index, it sparkles brightly. 

The diamond is suitable for daily use because of its relatively high Mohs hardness Further to having natural clarity, zircon may be heated to enhance its color. Zircon is popular for jewelry because of its brilliant colors. It is also valued for its durability and beauty

How To Choose December Birthstone Jewelry

How To Style With December Birthstone

When choosing December birthstones for jewelry, it is crucial to recall the recipient's personal style. Tanzanite's rich colors would be an ideal fit for them if they enjoy strong and attractive jewelry. Turquoise's rich and bright colors may make it an ideal choice for those who value a casual and natural style.

Alternatively, zircon's contrast and shine might be a great substitute if they choose universal, classic jewelry. For people who had their birthdays in December, these gemstones are meaningful and unique options because each one has a unique beauty and attraction. These birthstones fit an extensive range of interests and requirements, whether it's for you or someone you care for.

Setting And Metal Choices For December Birthstone

When picking out settings and metals for December birthstone jewelry, think about what goes well with each stone. Tanzanite's rich blue-violet colors go perfectly with white gold and platinum, making its color pop. 

Turquoise shines in silver and yellow gold, bringing out its natural beauty and earthy tones. Zircon sparkles in white gold, platinum, and sometimes yellow gold for a different look. Choosing the right metal and setting can make the jewelry piece more special and attractive for people born in December.

Caring For December Birthstone Jewelry

General Care Tips For December Birthstone

Avoid powerful chemicals and high temperatures when wearing jewelry studded to the birthstone of December. Both the durability and look of the metals and stones may be harmed by them. Jewelry cannot be used on surfaces that are highly heated up, cleaned with chemicals, or submerged in water with chlorine. 

To avoid scratches and damage, store each item of jewelry studded with the birthstone for December separately. The jewels can be maintained safe by using a closed jewelry box or a soft container. If jewelry is placed away properly, it keeps its beauty and excellent condition over time.

Clean your birthstone jewelry regularly using mild soap and water, along with a soft brush.This gentle cleaning technique helps in eliminating dirt and oil that may dull the stones. Getting your jewelry clean on a regular basis maintains its sparkling beauty and quality.

Specific Care Tips For December Birthstone

Caring for Tanzanite is important. Tanzanite jewelry should be gently cleaned with a soft brush. For the best results, use warm, soapy water. This helps to maintain its luster. Avoid steam and ultrasonic cleaners as they might cause damage to the stone. Tanzanite also shouldn't be placed near strong chemicals or extremely high temperatures.

Caring of Turquoise Using a soft towel to clean turquoise jewelry to get clear of dirt and garbage. Chemicals shouldn't be used since they may damage the stone. Additionally, consider treating turquoise to excessive heat or bright sunlight since it could destroy the color.

Caring of zircon Using a soft brush, water, and light soap to clean zircon jewelry. This will assist to maintain its shining qualities. Because zircon is able to adapt, damage is still possible if you use harsh or strong chemicals on it. To avoid scratches, store jewelry composed of zircon separately.

FAQs: December birthstones

Q.1 Is December birthstone turquoise or topaz?

Ans.December has two primary birthstones: turquoise and blue topaz. Both stones are associated with the month and are valued for their unique properties. Turquoise is known for its distinct blue-green hue. In contrast, blue topaz ranges from pale blue to deep blue shades.

Q.2 Why does December have two birthstones?

Ans. December has multiple birthstones due to historical and cultural variations in birthstone lists. This variety allows individuals more choices and accessibility to birthstones. Additionally, having multiple options can cater to different tastes and budgets.

Q.3 What is the real birthstone of December?

Ans. The main December birthstone is turquoise. It is known for its unique blue-green color. Blue topaz and tanzanite are also December birthstones. Each stone has its own special qualities. They all bring beauty to those born in December.

Q.4 What is the rarest birthstone?

Ans. The rarest birthstone is typically considered to be alexandrite. Alexandrite is known for its remarkable color-changing ability.It changes from green in light to a red color under indirect light. This unique feature makes it highly valued and rare.

Q.5 What is the most expensive birthstone?

Ans. The costly birthstone appears to be the diamond. Diamonds are highly sought after for their brilliance. They are also valued for their durability. As a status symbol, diamonds are highly prized. This makes them the priciest among birthstones.

Q.6 What color is December?

Ans. December associated colors are blue and green. These colors reflect the hues of its birthstones, turquoise and blue topaz. These colors symbolize tranquility, clarity, and renewal.

Q.7 What is the lucky color of December born?

Ans. The lucky color for those people who were born in December is blue. Like the qualities of December birthstones, this color is related with wisdom. It is also linked to relaxation and maturity.

Q.8 What are the qualities of December born?

Ans. December kids are usually referred to as focused, risky, and energetic. They are famous for their goodness, energy, and powerful need for education and new emotions.