Megan Fox's $300k valued engagement ring in a two stone style

Megan Fox's Pear Shaped Toi et Moi Two Stone Engagement Ring

In every love relationship, both individuals have their own comfort zones, and it provides support to one when the other suffers from pain and ache. Love isn't counted only as a support pillar for couples but refers to engagement, connection, and attachment towards the beloved one. That's why most of the endearment journey of couples starts from promise, commitment, and affection.

To make those promises, commitments, and affection more powerful and real, a one-from couple offers gemstone/diamond rings. There is a choice to offer earrings or heart-shaped semi-mount pendants to a love partner. But a ring is a wonderful selection because it signifies a pre-engagement connection between two individuals who are committed to a relationship.

The trend of commitment towards someone special still exists worldwide. Hollywood celebrities and couples are not excluded from showing their commitment and connection to wearing and exchanging diamond/gemstone rings.

A Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox with a 6-carat weights Pear shaped real diamond Toi et Moi ring. In this Toi et Moi ring, a combination of green-colored and colorless pear-shaped diamonds is used that offers a brilliant appearance.

There are many different points of view on MGK's ring cost that was presented to Megan, but due to teardrop-shaped diamonds, it could be $30000 to $400000 cost for him. The ring design of Megan Fox is the Toi et Moi which is typically also known as the two-stone ring.

Who is Megan Fox?

Megan Fox is American Actress who is known for her versatile acting skills. She was born on May 16, 1986, in Tennessee, USA. She started her acting career in childhood. Her parents indicated and supported Megan get massive success in her career.

She started her acting career in 2001 in the movie Holiday in the Sun, which was a proven blockbuster at the box office and offered massive success for her. In 2007, Megan’s acting career began to pick great attention from the audience because of her versatile acting skill.

Megan Fox signed the toy and cartoon graphical movie of named, Transformers, and she won the award for lead female actress. In the Transformers movie, Megan plays the role of Mikaela Banes, who has the hiding power of mechanic skills, which helps save lives from destruction.

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How Did MGK Propose Megan Fox With Two Stone Ring?

MGK proposed to Megan with the stunning, beautiful, and unique Two stone engagement ring that has green colored and colorless pear-shaped gemstones in a bypass setting band. Machine Gun Kelly set on his knees a pop the question to female luck, Megan. Megan accepted the proposal of MGK and wore the exquisite pear-shaped two-stone ring on the hand.

In the Megan Fox ring, the green-colored emerald gemstone is used in a teardrop shape, and a white-colored diamond refers to the fancy shape. The bypass patterned two-stone ring of Megan is a precious gift as a form of love and strong endearment.

Megan Fox Two Stone Engagement Ring

MGK did a marriage proposal to Megan Fox with the two-stone Toi et Moi style ring that represents a green-colored emerald gemstone and colorless pear-shaped diamond. MGK confesses that this engagement ring refers to "Magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love."

1.25 carat colorless and 1.15 green-colored moissanite Toi et Moi ring in 18KT white gold

Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan with a 6-carat gemstone and diamond ring, which has a Toi et Moi ring style and claw prong settings. Meanwhile, the band of Megan's engagement ring is engraved with round cut diamonds in pave filigree design.

Megan Fox's engagement ring has an 18KT white gold metal band that resonates brilliance with the combination of green and white colored gemstones. The claw prong setting of the MGK's ring offers more durability to diamonds and the overall formation of the band.

The gemstones are referred to as diamonds and birthstones, too. Here, in Megan's engagement rings, the VVS diamonds are used, which don't have many more inclusions and blemishes. That's why the Megan Fox ring is priced at $300K to $400K for having brilliant quality gemstones and 18KT white gold metal band.

What is so Special in Megan Fox Toi et Moi Ring Style?

Megan Fox Toi et Moi ring style counted as the most expensive engagement ring because of the blemishes-free gemstone usage and the quality. Due to fewer diamond inclusions on the anatomy, her engagement ring releases brilliant reflections and offers such an ideal luxurious wearing experience. Meanwhile, there are some other reasons that exist to show the specialty of the Zeroville actress' ring.

Here, those reasons are mentioned. Have a look.

  • VVS clarity-grade gemstones

The clarity grade selection is the most important task to do. In diamond clarity, there are 11 grades are exists from IF (Internally Flawless) to I3 (Included3). But MGK chooses VVS clarity grade gemstones in Megan's engagement ring that offers an excellent appearance and light reflections.

There's not any mention of the clarity grade of the diamonds that were placed in Megan's ring. But as our experience in the jewelry industry, we assumed that it was a VVS clarity diamond from Megan Fox's rings' light reflections.

  • Green and Colorless Combination

In Megan Fox's engagement ring, a 3-carat weighted green colored pear-shaped diamond is placed with a brilliant appearance. While other, 3-carat weighted colorless tear-drop shape has a flat table and excellent cut grades. The green-colored gemstone refers to Megan Fox's birthstone, and a diamond indicates MGK's birthstone.

The green-colored stone is indicating the May birthstone. While a diamond is the April birthstone. This combination of green and colorless gemstones presents the commitment, equality, and connection between these both Hollywood Celebrities.

  • 18KT White Gold Band

The 18KT white gold is a great alternative choice for platinum because it looks identical and offers an excellent appearance. In Megan Fox's ring, the 18KT white gold metal is used that indicates clarity and confession of the promise. With the green and colorless gemstone ring, 18KT white gold looks more pretty and beautiful that we can see in the Megan Fox engagement ring.

  • Bypass Patterned Band and Claw Prongs Settings

The bypass patterned band refers to the connection and attachment with the love partner. Here, in the MGK ring that was offered to Megan, a bypass pattern band offers a comfortable wearing experience and connection with each other, too. The two pear-shaped gemstones are throwing the brilliance at an appropriate level and make the overall appearance ideal.

In this colored gemstone engagement ring, the claw prong settings are used that indicate a strong grip of the diamonds. Also, it represents how securely the symmetry of the diamond is saved from damage and is successful in sustaining the appearance.

Final Thoughts

Megan fox engagement ring truly reflects the love symbolism of Colson Baker, who is her fiance now. In Megan's fox engagement ring, the green pear natural diamond represents the birth month of Megan. In contrast, the white-colored pear natural diamond shows the birthstone of Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker). 

That’s why Colson Baker engraved two pear-shaped diamonds on the ring made with white gold metal, and such a beautiful filigree engraving work creates a tremendous brilliance appearance.

Love is not just a feeling but a booster dose that helps humans to live with motivation and ambitions. Make your engagement ring look like Megan Fox's engagement within $800 in 950 platinum metal and VVS clarity grade stones.

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