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Peridot Birthstone For August: What To Know About This Gemstone

A birthstone is traditionally kept to maintain their demands and significance in human lives because people think the birthstones will help to bring out any problems and issues.

But, there is a different point of view on the importance of these gems. Every calendar month has its own gems as a traditional and modern birthstone. August birthstone carries one of the most precious and beautiful gemstones with itself named a "Peridot."

In the 8th calendar month, the birthstones are Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx exist. All these gems are founded under the earth’s mantle with intense heat and pressure. Every gem of the August month features different formations, colors, definitions, attributes, and benefits. But peridot gemstone has more advantages and elegance among other stones.

Peridot gemstone has a green color, and it is formed under the intense depth surface of the Earth. Meanwhile, it refers to the meteorite that landed on the planet thousands of years ago and formed in the colorful crystal on the earth. These gemstones have extraordinary physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits for the person who loves their appearance and want to place in jewelry. 

As a result, these gemstones are used in promise rings due to their mystical powers and elegant appearance. Couples have a desire to make the statement and connection unbreakable and ideal. That's why they pick the peridot gem ring to give a promise to each other.

This article will cover the symbolism and history of green peridot getmstone, August birthstone. Also, we will see the physical properties, importance, benefits, origin, and caring notes to make your jewelry and stone as it is newly purchased.

In last, we define the comparison between moissanite and these gems to determine which is best for you to accomplish your intention of offering it in the jewelry. Engaged with us until the end to make an informed decision.

Peridot Birthstone: The Green World Of Precious Gems

This gem is known for its yellowish lime green to darker appearance, similar to emerald cut birthstone. Due to the versatility in color ranges, the peridot is used in jewelry and is specially picked by green gemstone lovers who want to grab this precious gem on their hands and neck.

In peridot, the appearance is still compatible with green fancy colored diamonds. That’s why it has been counted as the diamond alternative stone.

How Is Peridot's Birthstone Formed As Green Color?

Peridot birthstone carries the variety of mineral olivine formed under the earth’s mantle with intense heat and pressure. Due to magma reaction and tectonic process, the earth’s crust releases the crystal in the form of gems that is similar to the Peridot.

Also, due to lava or volcanic eruptions, the part of peridot was found around where the lava goes. While some peridot gems exist as the meteorite that crashed on the earth billions of years ago.

Peridot birthstone formation appearance in the earth's mantle

These gems are found in the natural mines where the single peridot is found in their originality. Also, with other gems peridot is found with typical chemical properties and it is removed from the cutting and polishing process.

After the successful cutting and polishing process, the gem goes into the grading inspection. If all benchmarks are followed in color, clarity, carat, and cut grades, that stone is ready to rule your jewelry with elegance.

Where Is The Peridot Birthstone Origin Worldwide?

These precious gems are usually found in the USA, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Tanzania, where the prominent atmosphere exists to grab a beautiful peridot, an August birthstone. These gems are formed under the thousands of kilometers of the earth’s crust with the interaction of intense heat and pressure.

Also, a belief exists that a peridot is a meteorite that landed on the planet with the acute force that forms in the crystal. It makes these stones more beautiful and valuable than other gemstones.

August month's peridot birthstone countries of origin worldwide

Also, keep in mind the most precious peridot stones, which are found in large carat weights with distinctive characteristics, are not sold to buyers. But, to learn and educate people, those gemstones are securely placed in the museum, so the information can be spread worldwide.

The Symbolism of Peridot Birthstone: The Nightmare Reducer

This peridot August birthstone has historical and symbolism meaning throughout the centuries. These green colored gems are referred to the strength, compassion, healing, and protection. In ancient times, to protect the self from nightmares and evil spirits, the peridot was used to establish peace and tranquility.

Peridot birthstone helping to get a relief from the nightmare effects

Due to vibrant green tints, these gems represent the growth, renewal, abundance, and motivation that drive the wearer to achieve massive personal and professional success.

That person can experience good fortune who wore the peridot stone in the engagement ring or halo pendant with a yellow or white gold chain. When these green gems are worn in the talisman around the neck, they grab distinctive significance for those who born in August.

Historical Importance Of August Gemstone: A Peridot

In many traditions, the August gemstone, a peridot, possesses the importance that still has been followed by the people. In ancient Egypt, people refer this birthstone as the “Gem Of the Sun” because it helped to protect themselves from bad nightmares and evil spirits. That attribute brought good fortune in their life and offered auspicious powers. 

To remove the effect of evil souls who harassed the person, they wore peridot jewelry which provides a shield to the wearer. That’s why it is still used in engagement rings and bracelet jewelry and is vital for those who suffer from nightmares.

Another side, Roman and Greek people associated the peridot with the Sun, and they had a belief it brought to attract wealth, good fortune in life, and compassion. They were aware of the good effect of the peridot gems because they experienced the hidden power of these green colored stones.

That’s why they mostly wore a pendant in peridot gem. While at that time, couples exchanged engagement and wedding rings made with the peridot because they had faith in the power of this August month stone.

The Characteristics Of Peridot: The Treasurer of Beauty and Positive Energy

The August month’s peridot birthstone has different characteristics and properties, distinguishing them from fancy colored diamonds. The color of this gem ranges from pale yellow-green to dark green surface, which is the best choice ahead of other colored stones.

Also, the transparent anatomy and prominent symmetrical structure drive a brilliance and flash reflection. As a result, it has been chosen in the pendants and bracelets for women. Meanwhile, now women purchase the men’s engagement ring in a beautiful oval or radiant cut peridot gemstone that signifies a loyalty and emotional connection.

On the Mohs scale, Peridot stone score 6.5 to 7 number out of 10 that represents it still a good choice for everyday wear. The refractive index of this gem is identical to the moissanite, which looks attractive and exquisite even with the natural sunlight and backlight.

List of peridot gemstone characteristics and attributes

While the healing properties of peridot connects the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical ability of the person.

This stone helps the person to increase their inner strength, establish mental clarity to make an informed and perfect decision, remove the sinful attributes from minds, brings prosperity, abundance, and helping in to make the digestion system more flexible and disease free.

Peridot’s vibrant green color refers to the renewal, growth, and vitality that makes them the perfect choice for those born in August who want to benefit from these rare gems. Also, the peridot will be a good fit who loves its symbolism and beautiful appearance that drives perfection.

Physical Healing Properties Of Peridot: The Body Rectifier

The birthstone of August, a peridot, has the most beneficial physical healing properties that support the wearer in tackling the problems and ailments of the body. This gem will help to resolve detoxification effects from body parts like organs and systems. Also, with a peridot stone, the wearer can increase and well maintain the immune and digestive systems that make them disease free.

In addition, to alleviate or reduce the effect of Asthma and other respiratory diseases, the peridot birthstone successfully removes those severe diseases. Also, when someone constantly suffers from indigestion and bloating, this August birthstone treats them to eliminate those diseases from the body.

Green colored round peridot stone that carries a physical healing properties

In medieval times, people believed that the peridot’s healing attributes helped to fight the severe ailment. At that time, no expert medical supervision, and equipment existed to start the treatment quickly. Thus, people started to wear peridot around the neck to protect them from severe diseases.

The best thing was that they succeeded in reducing those fatal illness effects. Carrying and wearing the peridot stone in a pendant or other jewelry provide a dome that protects the wearer from other negative energies and substances.

Peridot’s Emotional and Mental Attributes

Apart from the physical benefits of this August month’s birthstone, peridot has emotional and mental attributes that every person has required in this century. From wearing peridot gemstones helping to remove anger, jealousy, resentment, and arrogance from the mind as sinful attributes.

This August month’s gems are the most friendly stone that exchanges grief and other characteristics which are harmful to human beings, and it offers well-being and emotional stability. When people are free from sinful attributes, they feel more peace and tranquility around themselves. This is the power of peridot’s presence in life!

Peridot birthstone for August month offers emotional and mental benefits to wearer

While talking about the mental attributes of carrying the peridot it provides clarity to the mind and increases the ability to make a properly informed decision. Peridot gems help to reduce the consequences of stress, anxiety, and depression that guide people on how to handle the situation that comes.

Also, to bring calm nature in mind, the peridot will helps. That’s why many couples prefer them these rare gemstones of August month for their love partner.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Benefits Of Peridot Gems

Peridot gems are dedicated to August birthstone that usually carries the green color. For those who want to add more spirituality to their lives, they bring the peridot stone with them because it refers direct connection with divine powers. To increase intuition and meet the self to accomplish the purpose of life by following ethics, these vibrant gems will help you to get there.

A belief about peridot exists that it connects the physical and spiritual attributes in one thread and helps to receive the message from a divine power. When a person is aimlessly wandering from one to second place and from that to another, peridot offers the opportunity to connect with the spiritual powers that guide how to live a life with happiness even the grief is surrounded.

The peridot gemstone has most spritiual and metaphysical benefits among other gems

In addition, with the peridot stone person can bring abundant prosperity, invite positive energies, and renew the purpose of life.

The peridot works as the locomotive that conveys yourself to your goal for securing the placed under the God’s shadow with the help of meditation. That’s why it has been selected to take spiritual benefits and successfully be a good person for society and the world.

Cost And Value Of Peridot Birthstone

Peridot birthstone costs from $50 to $5000 depending on the rarity, exclusivity, color intensity, clarity grades, and originality. Most importantly, how much the symmetrical formation exists in the stone decides the price the buyer has to pay. A minimal inclusion presence, excellent cutting style, and vibrant green peridot prices reach $7000/carat.

Peridot birthstone in a ellipse shape

Meanwhile, you can opt for a synthetic peridot gemstone ahead of the natural one when the cost is out of the limit of your provisioned budget. But, the natural peridot gem is distinctive and elegant to pick in jewelry. Consider selecting the peridot with the internationally recognized certification from IGI, IGS, AGS, EGL, Anchorcert Gem Lab, SSEF, and Gübelin.

How To Use Peridot Gem For Healing and Spiritual Growth?

There are many ways to use the peridot gem for healing and spiritual growth that brings new intentions and motivations. You can place this stone in jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces, which is the most elegant option.

You can customize the jewelry with elegance by selecting diamonds or other stones like moissanite that bring an attractive appearance. The jewelry is available in gold, silver, and platinum metal.

Put the cleansed peridot stone in a glass of water and remain it overnight; in the morning, drink that water infusion as an elixir. After drinking it, you can experience something new in yourself, especially a strong spirituality. So your spiritual growth should constantly increase, guiding you to make an informed decision.

Another choice is to place the beautiful natural peridot in the different Chakras points during the meditation, which helps to connect the inner self quickly.

Perdiot gemstone usage to bring new intentions and powers in the life

To grab the power of peridot, place this gemstone around yourself where you work place or meditation space. Hold the gem in your hand to attract affirmative intentions to your soul and concentrate on your discretion with yourself. That triggered the August Stone to provide their presence in your intention and quickly accomplish that purpose.

How To Care for Your August Month’s Peridot Birthstone?

To care for your August month’s peridot birthstone, never use a high boiled warm water and ultrasonic cleaner because the stone’s symmetrical balance and the gems' overall transparency could be damaged.

Due to a 6.5 to 7 score on the Mohs scale, the peridot gems are vulnerable to any acid interaction or other chemical involvements. That’s why we don’t recommend using steam water to clean the stone's surface.

Meanwhile, take a soft bristle brush and be less warm with the mild dish soap to clean the surfaces and anatomical part of the peridot birthstones. After cleaning, gently rub the stone’s symmetry with a soft cloth and ensure not put pressure on the crystal. Don’t override this cleaning process many times because it brings the consequences of damaging the internal structure of the peridot.

Cleaning of peridot gemstone and jewelry

Due to less score on the Mohs scale, peridot birthstone jewelry isn’t a daily wearing ornament, but with proper cleaning and care tips, you can hold their significant appearance and value. Thus, the temperature and other elements might hurt the peridot's properties when you cook, bathe, or swim. It’s best to remove jewelry when you’re engaging in these kinds of activities.

Green Colored Moissanite V/s. Peridot: The Battle Of Choice

Between green colored moissanite vs. peridot, you have to choose one gemstone for your jewelry according to its characteristics and attributes, which creates a partition between them. These stones are compared based on their origin, durability, cost, refractive index, appearance, variations, and spiritual growth.

In the below chart, the comparison between green moissanite and peridot is described, which helps to make informed decisions about what to choose.


Green Moissanite

Vibrant Green Peridot


Artificial Laboratories

Earth’s Mantle or Crust



6.7 - 7/10




Refractive Index

2.64 - 2.67

1.65 - 1.69


Identical To Diamond

Similar To Green Stone


Every Shape Exist

Only Round, Oval, and Emerald

Spiritual Growth





International Certification

Jewelry Usage

In All Jewelry

Mostly Rings, Pendants, Bracelets

Diamond Alternative



Fire and Scintillation




August month’s birthstone, peridot is the green colored gem that signifies renewal, abundance, growth, prosperity, positive energies, and creativity. This gem's color ranges exist from pale yellow-green to the vibrant-dark green that looks identical to fancy colored diamonds.

Peridot is formed under the earth’s mantle with an Olivine structure, a combination of magnesium and iron element that fills the green tint in the crystal. The most precious and rare gemstones of August month are meteorites that crashed on the earth’s land. Many peoples refer to these gemstones as divine powers because they journeyed from space.

In ancient times, green peridot gem was used to reduce the effect of nightmares and tackle evil spirits. While these gems worked as remedies for respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchiolitis. Also, for mental stability and meet to self at a higher level, this green gemstone helps to reach and accomplish that goal.

In the modern scenario, couples prefer the peridot gemstone for their engagement rings, wedding bands, and pendants. In necklace and bracelets, these August birthstone appears as a masterpiece because of their elegance and benefits to the wearer. They are found in the USA, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Tanzania.

You're right if you consider the peridot gem the diamond alternative. But with that, you have another option, a “Moissanite.” Peridot and moissanite are compared on their origin, durability, cost, refractive index, appearance, variations, spiritual growth, certifications, fire, and scintillation. Also, which jewelry suits these two gems is key in differentiating them.

Consider purchasing an August birthstone, peridot with international certifications to know actual color, clarity, carat, and symmetrical balance. To insist the certification will save you from taking a counterfeit crystal in the form of the peridot that is sold market today. So, we recommend buying this gem from an authenticated jeweler or store that carries the original peridot stone.