Jewelry Cleaning & Caring Required

Goldenbird Jewels will provide easy, short and accurate guidance on how to care of your Jewelry. Fine jewelry is vulnerable to damage if exposed to extreme hot or cold, impact, or pressure. Jewelry grade metals are vulnerable to bending if squeezed between or caught on other metals, And also be covered by dirtiness, losing its sparkle.

Precious stones can be scratched, chipped, or made loose if banged on a hard surface. Chemicals, cosmetics, and treated water can cause unseen damage that isn’t immediately visible. So, Goldenbird Jewels give you a step-by-step guide on cleaning and caring for your jewelry.

How & Why jewelry need cleaning & caring?


Collect Before Starting:

1) Medium Hot Water Bowl
2) Soap/ Liquid/ Baking Soda
3) Toothbrush/ Brush
4) Dry Piece Of Cloth

What To Do?
1) Add medium shoapy hot water in bowl.
2) Leave upto 10-15 min.
3) Use soft brush to clean the Jewelry.
4) Again Leave Jewelry upto 10-15 min.
5) Bring out and clean with dry cloth.