Moissanite engagement rings for women to shop in gold and platinum

Top 10 Best Moissanite Engagement Rings For Her

Offering an engagement ring to a love partner is never ending trend because it signifies the emotional commitment and attachment to a spouse. Every couple exchanges the ring made with the gemstones and diamonds, but to experience both gem's appearance, "Moissanite" is a better choice than a CZ and other synthetic stones.

A moissanite engagement ring is ideal for buyers who want to place an appearance of elegance and glamour on their spouse's hands. With these ethically made gems, the sparkle reflected at full fledge with at least a 2.68 refractive index, which is higher than a diamond's brilliance.

In moissanite, plenty of choices exist, from fancy colors to antique shapes like a champagne colored Dutch marquise. Also, for these engagement rings, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars; you can spend around $500 to $2000 to get the best clarity, large size and carat weights, and color grade.

For 1 to 8-carat weights moissanite engagement rings, select atleast VVS clarity where the inclusions don't appear as much. Meanwhile, in moissanite, you can opt for FL (Flawless) or IF (Internally Flawless) clarity. Ensure to select colorless stones instead of darker ones, but if you want fancy intense tints, then go with that option.

Golden Bird Jewels recommend picking the best clarity, carat weights, and color grades of moissanite stone with the certification. We offer the branded certification that makes your purchase authenticated and counterfeit-free.

This article will show the top 10 best moissanite rings that contain a fancy color, gold addition, antique ring styles, and many more. Keep engaged with us until the end to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Moissanite Engagement Rings

1. Champagne Marquise Moissanite Ring

Champagne moissanite is an elegant choice for an engagement ring, especially with antique cuts like Dutch marquise. Dutch marquise cut stone has sharp curving edges from all corners with a narrow octagonal shape. Consider the proper L/W ratio for Dutch marquise moissanite stone like as 1.20 - 2.00 L/W ratio. A more L/W ratio represents the stone's narrowness and length, while a lower ratio exists as a broader surface.
3.50-carat weighted moissanite engagement ring in white goldFor a champagne colored moissanite ring, you have to pay around $700 to $1000 with a gold band. There is a choice to pick an at least 3-carat brilliant round cut or radiant cut stone for a halo or solitaire ring style. But pay attention to choosing the best clarity and carat weights that look prominent on the hands.

* Pro Tip To Shop Beautiful Champagne Color Ring

When purchasing the moissanite engagement ring in champagne color stone then once look at the below mentioned criteria.

  • Best Clarity = FL to VVS
  • Best Color = Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid Dark
  • Carat Weights = 1 to 4
  • Suitability = Halo, Cluster, Vintage, and Solitaire Ring Style
  • Metal = Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Prong Settings = Claw, Cornered, V-shaped, Petite Claw
  • Price = $300 to $850

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2. A Love Speaker Ring In Halo Style

The halo ring style has small-sized and carat weights stones on the band and around the center stone. When a ring is made of 2-CTW round or princess-cut stones, the center stone should be in the 1-carats. You can opt for a colorless elongated or square shape in this ring style according to significance.

If you need a brilliant sparkle, a natural attribute of moissanite in an engagement ring, pick the blemishes-free stone that can't affect the lights of the stone. While you don't need a much larger size for your ring, you can opt for a 1 to 2-carat princess or cushion cut moissanite ring with a round or oval accent stone on the band. For it, you have to pay at least $400 to $500 cost.

6.60-carat weighted modified criss cut moissanite halo engagement ring in 14KT white gold

For example, you opted a 5 to 7-carat weighted center moissanite stone in VVS clarity and colorless grade; then, for accent stone, you have to go at least 2.00-CTW. At the same time, there is an option to go with fancy colors like yellow, blue, purple, and violet. It looks like a vintage ring because a large carat stone features wider and longer surfaces, and even with the best quality, it offers a brilliant appearance.

Radiant and emerald cut moissanites are ideal for the halo ring. But need a new version of these stones, then a "Modified Criss Cut" is the best choice that features compound characteristics. Keep in mind to pick a certification from the seller and make sure the stone is ethically made.

* Pro Tip To Purchase Halo Moissanite Ring

Consider the range below to make your halo moissanite engagement ring more beautiful and ideal for your spouse.

  • Best Clarity = VVS
  • Color = Colorless to Off-yellow
  • Shape = Radiant, Princess, Emerald, Criss, and Cushion
  • Carat Weights = 2 to 7
  • Band Style = Bypass, Tapered, Straight, Split Shank, Reverse Tapered
  • Metal = White Gold and Platinum
  • Price = $400 to $1800

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3. Toi et Moi Ring: The Couple's Hot Favorite Choice

The Toi et Moi ring is the most chosen style among couples because it represents the emotional connection and support between two individuals. This ring style is made with the bypass pattern band, where two stones are placed under the prongs, delivering a sparkle reflection. You can opt a split shank, too for making the ring more unique and pretty.

You can make the Toi Moi ring more beautiful with moissanite stones. For example, for a versatile appearance, pick one stone in colorless radiant or princess cut. While for other gems, go with fancy colors like yellow, blue, or dark grey in emerald or cushion. Emerald and pear shaped moissanite stones are mostly selected for this unique engagement ring.

Bluish-green and colorless pear shaped moissanite Toi et Moi ring

But, here, prioritize your love partner's wearing preference and consider which color she would like to wear as an engagement ring. If she needs colors in the ring as gemstones, then moissanite has the option ranging from 30+ fancy colors in all cuts. Thus, you can make your engagement ring more elegant with ethical moissanite stones.

For the moissanite Toi et Moi ring, the prong setting is vital in durability and appearance. You can select a button, tab, and claw prongs that hold the stones more strongly. The cost of this ring style ranges from $450 to $1000 in 4-CTW colorless and bluish-green stone.

* Pro Tip To Buy Toi Moi Ring In Moissanite

Make you Toi et Moi ring beautiful from selecting it below mentioned criteria.

  • Clarity = VVS to VS
  • Color = Colorless to Fancy Colors
  • Carat = 2 to 5
  • Cut = Princess, Radiant, Cushion, Pear, Emerald, Oval
  • Band Style = Bypass, Split Shank
  • L/W Ratio = 1.50 - 1.60 (For Elongated Stone), 1.20 - 1.30 (Square Stone)
  • Prong Settings = Button, Claw, Round, Petite Claw
  • Metal = Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold
  • Price = $450 to $980

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4. Rose Cut Ring: The Modern Picking

A rose cut moissanite stone offers a pretty appearance because of the transparent anatomical structure and small triangular facets around the crown surfaces. Mostly, a rose cut moissanite features only a colorless appearance, but we bring the bluish-green colored marquise stone with VVS clarity.

This moissanite stone is a part of the antique cut because of its identical symmetrical balance, which drives attractive brilliance effects. You can select at least 3-carat weights radiant or princess cut moissanite in halo or cluster style with yellow gold or rose gold addition.

Fancy colored rose cut moissanite engagement ring in 18KT yellow gold

Insist on the rose cut ring certification because many counterfeit crystals are sold as real moissanite. Inspect the stone in person to understand its color, clarity, and cut scales, if possible. While online shopping, it's best to demand videos or personal inspection from your seller.

For a rose cut moissanite ring, you can spend around $400 to $900 with atleast 4-carat weights, VVS clarity, and fancy colors. In metal selection, the options are yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While a platinum engagement ring in moissanite looks precious on the hands, and it's a hypoallergenic metal.

* Pro Tip To Purchase a Rose Cut Moissanite Ring

Pick your rose cut moissanite engagement ring from the following criteria to get a maximum sparkle reflection with less cost to pay.

  • Clarity = VVS to VS
  • Color = Colorless to Fancy Vivid Blue-green
  • Carat Weights = 3 to 4
  • Cut = Marquise, Cushion, Round, Princess
  • Band Style = Straight, Split Shank, Cathedral
  • Metal = 18KT Yellow Gold, Platinum
  • Price = $370 to $1160

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5. Flower Cluster Style Ring: The Eternal Love

A flower cluster ring style holds a deeper meaning with itself because it's not just jewelry, but it sprinkles the emotions in the hands of your love partner. In this ring style, smaller carat weights stones are placed in a flower shape around the center large size moissanite with the help of prongs and basket settings.

You can select blue, yellow, champagne, red or orange colored small moissanite as accent stones that back the brilliance. While for a center stone, your moissanite should be at least 3 to 4-carat weights in square and triangular shape. That makes your cluster engagement ring captivating.

5.50-carat weighted flower cluster ring with VVS clarity moissanite stones and straight band

Selecting a flower cluster style engagement ring represents beauty, love, femininity, growth, renewal, and blooming of endearment. Also, embrace the beauty of life and cherish the love relationship attributes bring from these rings. A moissanite prefers brilliant cut round stones that carry more prominent sparkles to your call.

A round cut stone refers to the eternal love, feelings, and romance that delivers happiness and joy. From 1 to 5-carat weights, moissanite is a sufficient choice for an engagement ring in a cluster style. Please ensure the stones' symmetry is ideal, driving elegant lights from their surfaces.

* Pro Tip For Shop A Flower Cluster Ring

Make your engagement ring more beautiful and excellent by selecting the best clarity, carat weights, cuts, and metal selections. A moissanite ring looks gorgeous on the hands when selected with ideal quality.

  • Clarity = VVS to VS
  • Color = Colorless
  • Carats = 3 to 7
  • Cut = Brilliant Cut Moissanite
  • Band Style = Split Shank, Bypass, Straight
  • Prongs Settings = Button, Round Tab, Claw
  • Metal = 18KT White/Yellow Gold, Platinum
  • Symmetry = Ideal
  • Fluorescence = None
  • Price = $570 to $1290

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6. Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring: The Attraction Carrier

The cushion cut ring refers to the romantic appeal and vintage appearance because of the soft curving edges and brilliant cutting styles. In moissanite, there 4 types of cushion stones exist square, elongated, old mine cut, and European cut. You can opt for a halo or cluster style with the accent stone engraved split shank band in a cushion engagement ring.

The sparkle reflections and elegant looks of the square cushion ring sprinkle the romantic appeal to a love partner every time. That's why it has been a good choice to propose an engagement ring for unique and eye-catching looks.

Blue-green colored moissanite split shank accent stone engagement ring with halo style

The carat weight selection for a cushion is the most important task. For example, with 2-carat square moissanite, the cushion looks prominent even with VS clarity, so it could be selected for solitaire or halo style. While a modified elongated cushion features the least cropped corners, so it should be in the 4-carats with a 1.50 L/W ratio.

For a moissanite cushion ring, you can spend between $500 to $700 with 4-CTW and VVS clarity. Also, you have the option to pick a fancy colored center stone with the best symmetrical balance and durability. With a colored cushion cut moissanite stone ring, you can select an 18KT gold or silver metal. Wearing a ring only at a function or party is not mandatory, but it can be worn daily.

* Pro Tip For Purchasing Cushion Ring

When shopping for a cushion ring offline or online from an e-commerce store, consider the parameters mentioned to choose from. From that, your ring looks better and unique.

  • Clarity = Prefers FL;Otherwise VVS or VS
  • Color = Colorless to Fancy Intense Yellow/Blue/Red/Orange
  • Carat = 2 to 5
  • L/W Ratio = 1.20 - 1.30 (For Square Stone), 1.50 - 1.70 (For Elongated)
  • Band Style = Straight, Bypass, Split Shank, Reverse Tapered
  • Metal = Silver, 18KT White Gold, Platinum
  • Price = $180 to $950

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7. Art Deco Ring: The Vintage Choice

If your love partner prefers a vintage and traditional choice, then an art Deco ring style is the perfect selection for them. Between the 1920s to 1930s, these ring styles had more comprehensive demands. Due to their bold appearance, intricate designs, and geometrical shape represent a sophisticated and timeless look on the hands.

With step cut moissanite stones, the art deco ring offers a brilliant appearance just because of the prominent symmetrical balance between the lattice. While brilliant or old cut moissanites are elegant options for these vintage engagement rings in elongated and square shapes.

4-carat step cut cushion moissanite art Deco ring with 18KT gold band

Between 3 to 5-carat weights, your art deco engagement ring offers a light reflection and looks larger with noticeability. Consider picking at least VVS clarity and colorless stone. Maybe a nearly colorless cushion or princess will offer an identical appearance as a colorless radiant. Prioritize your choice and preference.

For an art deco ring in 5 to 7-carat colorless moissanite, you have to spend around $570 to $1700, depending on the color or clarity you opted for. We recommend picking antique bullet or trapezoid cut accent stones within 2-CTW with VS clarity and less fluorescence.

* Pro Tip For Art Deco Ring

For purchasing beautiful art deco ring keep in mind the mentioned criteria about clarity, prongs settings, metals and band styles.

  • Clarity = VVS to VS
  • Color = Colorless to Nearly Colorless
  • Carat = 2 to 8
  • Cut = Step cut, Old cut, Brilliant cut
  • Band Style = Straight, Bypass, Split Shank
  • Prong Settings = V-shaped, Tab, Round Button
  • Metal = Silver, White Gold, Platinum
  • Price = $300 to $1700

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8. Emerald Cut Ring: The Ideal Elongated Shape

The large step cut facets appear only in one stone called an "Emerald cut." The Emerald cut ring drives the symmetrical balance's sparkle, brilliance, beauty, and natural clarity. With moissanite, you can pick larger carat weights and sized stones. You can go for a maximum of 10-carat weights and a 1.50 - 1.80 L/W ratio for a more glorious appearance.

You can experience timeless elegance, versatile appearance, and the most sophisticated look in a moissanite emerald cut engagement ring. Between 2 to 8-carat weights looks prominent with the halo or bridal setting. Consider going with the VS clarity grade stones with some blemishes but not so much affecting the reflection.

VVS clarity emerald cut moissanite engagement ring in simple art deco filigree work

Also, with the moissanite emerald cut, you can make more cropped corners with the customization option. While soft round curving edges carry the most pretty appearance in the rings. Spend around $440 to $1010 within silver, gold, and platinum metal. For emerald cut stone, prefers a claw or petite claw prongs settings ahead or button or tab prongs.

* Pro Tip For Emerald Cut Ring

For purchasing elegant emerald cut moissanite ring keep in mind the mentioned criteria about clarity, prongs, metals, L/W ratio and band styles.

  • Clarity = VVS to VS
  • Color = Colorless to Fancy Vivid
  • Carat = 3 to 8
  • Cut = Step cut
  • Band Style = Straight, Bypass, Split Shank
  • L/W Ratio = 1.50 - 1.70
  • Prong Settings = V-shaped, Tab, Round Button
  • Metal = Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum
  • Price = $450 to $1000

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9. Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring

You can opt for a different combination of two styles in a unique moissanite engagement ring. For example, a halo and filigree pattern band in white gold and yellow gold. Consider choosing the perfect carat weights and size of the stone. Sometimes, a quick decision on the stone's dimensions will destroy its brilliant appearance.

We recommend selecting at least 3-carat weight elongated center stone in the unique ring. While for a square shape, a 2 to 4-carat moissanite stone is enough choice. Also, please pay attention to blemishes on free surfaces for the stone because it directly affects the brilliance. Our suggestion is to pick FL or VVS clarity graded stones.

5 carat weight colorless moissanite ring in white goldFor a comfortable wearing experience, keep in mind the perfect ring size. You can measure the ring size from the international conversation chart. The cost for a unique engagement ring in moissanite depends on the ring's formation, color, and clarity of the stone. We offer an emerald cut ring for $660 with silver metal.

* Pro Tip For Unique Moissanite Rings

For purchasing unique moissanite rings consider best clarity, carat weights, color, and cut grades that able to give a beautiful sparkle reflection.

  • Clarity = VVS to VS
  • Color = Colorless to Fancy Vivid Blue/Yellow/Red/Orange
  • Carat = 2 to 8
  • Cut = Emerald, Round, Princess, Oval, Asscher
  • Band Style = Straight, Bypass, Split Shank
  • Prong Settings = V-shaped, Tab, Round Button
  • Metal = Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum
  • Price = $500 to $1000

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10. Princess Cut Ring: The Women's Beauty

Princess cut moissanite ring is counted as the women's beauty where it sprinkles sparkle and brilliance at every moment. Princess cut is a square shape stone with a brilliant cutting and chevron pattern on the pavilion that drives flashing reflections. In a halo or filigree pattern yellow gold band, the 4-carat colorless princess cut looks more elegant. Deliver a special gift to your love partner with this beautiful square stone engagement ring.

Consider paying attention to the L/W ratio because of the square shape presence. If you opted for a 4 to 8-carat princess cut stone, prefers 1.20 - 1.40 L/W ratio, where the longer surface exists. While between 1 to 3 carats, go for a 1 - 1.15 L/W ratio where the stone is wider and prominent.

Yellow gold princess cut moissanite engagement ring with filigree work band

Also, the princess cut moissanite stone carries the most cropped corners with brilliant cutting style, making them 1st ranked fancy stone among radiant, oval, heart, and cushion. In the princess moissanite ring, you have the option to pick a simple but elegant solitaire style with at least a 3-carat square stone. While you need more sparkle, then opt for a halo, cluster, or flower pattern ring style where the center princess moissanite distributes its finest appearance.

For a 1.30-carat princess cut moissanite ring for women, you have to pay $240, which has 925 Sterling Silver metal. While a 2 to 4-carat princess halo or cluster engagement ring, the price reaches $800 to $1500 in 18KT gold. The best clarity for this square shape stone is between VVS to VS; ensure you opt for them. While a color grade should look proper in colorless to near-colorless grades.

* Pro Tip For Princess Cut Moissanite Rings

For buying the perfect princess cut moissanite rings then keep in mind the below mentioned criteria to make your love piece more beautiful.
  • Clarity = FL to VS
  • Color = Colorless to Fancy Vivid Blue//Red/Orange
  • Carat = 1.50 to 8
  • Cut = Brilliant Cut
  • Band Style = Straight, Bypass, Split Shank, Cathedral
  • Prong Settings = V-shaped, Round Button, Tab, Claw, Petite Claw
  • Metal = Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum
  • Price = $240 to $1500

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Selecting the perfect engagement ring for women isn't hard, but with the proper knowledge about the stone's clarity, carat weights, cut grades, and color options, you can shop for a beautiful piece of love. From it, you can reveal your emotions and love thoughts in front of your spouse. With moissanite rings, many options are available, and most importantly, you can customize all the designs and formations of the stones.

Moissanite isn't a diamond simulant but a substitute for the diamond. These artificial stones make your engagement ring more brilliant looking within the budget. While for a diamond ring, you have to break the budget, and everyone can't afford it. For example, with $500, you can purchase a 2 to 3-carat moissanite ring in silver and gold metal. Another side, with diamonds, you can get only a 0.30 to 0.50 ring with a lower clarity grade.

We have plenty of choices to design your engagement ring with elegance and meaning that signifies your commitment, dedication, and love toward your spouse. We know you; you don't deliver or do the task of offering the ring. But, you're dedicated to your life to your partner with the ring. It contains all of those moments that you wish to live.

If you want something differently designed, a moissanite ring, which aprats from the crowd, then freely contact us. Desire to talk further about the quality of the product, like clarity, color, or carat weights, knock on our doors by chat, email, or call options. We are delighted that you opted for us to make your engagement ring.