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Top 15 Moissanite Engagement Rings For Modern Women

Every love relationship is a boat of compassion, support, and sympathy where two individuals promise each other and successfully drives their life with happiness and romance. Couples engaged and married by following all rituals and traditions to complete the goal and achievement together. As a sign of commitment, they exchanged rings or presented jewelry to make their statement bold and honest.

Exchanging the rings came over many centuries, where couples wore the rings in a gold chain around the neck. While today, most people wear rings on their hands because they think it connects with the “Vein of the Heart” that increases blood circulation in body.

Especially in European and American culture, the love birds wore engagement rings on their left hand’s side fingers. While in eastern regions like Asia, couples prefer to wear a ring only on the right hand’s side finger.

In engagement rings, the moissanite is the elegant and cost-affordable choice because it contains the same light reflections as the diamonds. Also, these artificial diamonds have varied options, durability, and beautiful appearance sufficient to reveal emotions.

In moissanite engagement rings, you can select classic vintage inspired Art Deco style. While the modern time ring style is a halo or cluster pattern with the bypass band with a customization. There is a plenty of options available to pick the ring according to the personalized custimization.

This article will show such charming and stylish moissanite rings for engagement and helpful to make an informed decision on which style exists. Also, we described why to prefer these synthetic moissanite rings for your spouse. From that it will be easy to understand why these eco-friendly gems good choice for a rings.

Let’s see why you have to prefer the moissanite stone ahead of gemstones or diamonds.

Why Choose Moissanite Engagement Rings? (The Reasons)

Moissanite engagement rings are selected for the following reasons: their cheap costs, ideal brilliance effects, durability, ethical practices, diamond alternative, color versatility, available in all quality and identical to natural gems. These reasons indicate the importance and existence of the moissanite rings and provide information to individuals for making the perfect decision.

  • Cheap costs

For purchasing a moissanite rings, there is a no need to pay a $15000 or $30000 costs which has been done for natural diamond ring. With moissanite individuals can saves upto 100000x times costs that spent on the natural diamonds. Moissanite engagement rings are available from $200 in the silver and gold.

The most adorable thing is that for these colored moissanite stones, you don’t have to break your bank account as you have to do with the diamonds. That’s why moissanite still stands as the cost-affordable and diamond alternative choice for worldwide couples.

  • Ideal brilliance effects

The brilliance of the moissanite stone refers to the Goodwill that separates it from other gems like spinel birthstones. A pink shade spinel gemstone features a shine, but it can beat a moissanite's sparkles. That's why fancy colored gems lovers are starting to pick colored moissanite stones.

  • Durable

The durability of the moissanite stone is ideal for securing a symmetrical balance. On the Mohs Scale, these artificial gems gained a 9.25 score out of 10, which means they're tough to blemishes and outer environments. Thus, with the proper prong settings in rings, moissanite looks gorgeous when it has an ideal quality selection.

  • Made with ethical practices

Most importantly, the moissanite stone is made ethically, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. In making these artificial diamonds, renewable energy and water are used and are not involved in the mining process. That leaves a positive impact on the bio-diversity chain.

  • Best diamond alternatives

The creation of moissanite gems in a laboratory under strict artificial control lowers the hazards associated with unfavorable environmental conditions. Due to its existence and similarity to diamond in terms of color, refractive index, appearance, forms, sizes, and characteristics, it is used as a substitute for diamond.

  • Color versatility

If a buyer looking for an option of fancy colored diamonds then it could be completed with the moissanite. Moissanite available in wide range of fancy colors from rare red to the modern yellow or traditional pink shade.

Some individuals love to get fancy color gems like chocolate diamonds, but everybody can't afford them due to the high price tag. In moissanite, individuals can select any of the shades in the stone according to their choices. It's the buyer's call which color of the moissanite will fit their budget and preference of jewelry style.

  • Available in all sizes, shapes and quality

In moissanite, there is a two options for a shape selection:1. Square and 2. Rectangular. In square shape, princess and cushion is a good choice with a brilliant cutting styles. For a rectangular or elongated shapes, radiant and emerald cut could be ideal selections. There is a choice to select a round brilliant, heart, oval, or marquise cut with the best quality containtment.

  • Looks identical to the natural gems

Moissanite is made from silicon carbide crystal and appears to be raw or rough diamonds. After the cutting and polishing procedures, these moissanite artificial diamonds gain the original light reflections and durability. Also, they feature a proper symmetrical balances and formations of the facets. As a result, moissanite stones are used as an alternative to natural diamonds.

Top 15 Moissanite Engagement Rings For Women

In these top 15 moissanite engagement rings for women, individual can opt for a vintage style if their spouse prefers a delicate appearance. While a solitaire ring contains a single large sized stone with prongs that reflect total brilliance and flashy elegance on the hands.

From selecting moissanite engagement band for her, you can successfully deliver your love message with confidence and pure emotions. There is a choice to pick a vintage European cut Art Deco ring or a modern cluster halo ring style with brilliant round cut.

The modern choice of the moissanite ring style is the halo, where the center stone has more size and carat weights, and other accent stones feature a fancy colors with infinity and tapered pattern band in white gold or platinum.

Keep in mind these engagement rings are made with yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver. It’s not mandatory to pick the rings in only yellow or white gold. Individuals can select different metals that are coherent with ring style.

For example, champagne colored moissanite looks perfect with white gold or platinum. While a silver or rose gold metal suits when a blue colored center stone exists in the engagement ring.

Some peoples have a myth about the metal finishing on the moissanite ring's bands, but they have lack of knowledge. We made the jewelry with original and ethical gold and platinum metal. For authenticity, we hallmark the jewelry such as 925 Silver, 14KT or 22KT.

A rose gold refers to the romance and endearment sign between couples. That's why it especially adds to the pre-engagement rings. A colorless moissanite engagement bands signifies a pretty appearance. For a more luxurious and hypoallergenic wearing experience, platinum is the choice.

Here's the list of top 15 engagement rings for women in ethical moissanite stone.

  1. European Cut Vintage Ring
  2. Toi et Moi Ring Band
  3. Blue Moissanite Halo Ring
  4. Rose Cut Stone Ring
  5. Solitaire Ring With Prong Setting
  6. Engagement Ring Set: A Bridal Set
  7. Step Cut Moissanite Ring
  8. Old Mine Cut Ring
  9. Portrait Cut Ring
  10. Oval Moissanite Ring
  11. Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring
  12. Teardrop Shaped Moissanite Ring
  13. Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring
  14. Princess Moissanite Band
  15. Hexagon Moissanite Ring In Gold

1. European Cut Vintage Ring: The Delicate Choice

A vintage ring with European cut moissanite represents the elegance and luxuriousness that offers a mesmerized wearing experience. Many traditional lovers prefer the round OEC moissanite with Art Deco ring style in silver and white gold.

When buying the European cut moissanite, ensure it has ideal clarity such as VVS to VS. If you choose Flawless or Internally Flawless clarity, it indicates that your stone is free from diamond inclusions and blemishes.

4.20 CTW European cut vintage Art Deco moissanite engagement ring for women

Between 2.00 to 5.00 carat total weight is the perfect selection in an Art Deco filigree work ring where the center stone shouldn’t exceed 3.00 carats. Also, for accent stone, you have a choice to pick an antique baguette cut or colored princess cut moissanite with the 1.30 L/W ratio. You can spend around $1000 to $2000 for the vintage moissanite engagement ring in gold and platinum.

2. Emerald & Pear Cut Moissanite Toi Moi Ring

A Toi et Moi is the French word that represents “You and Me,” which is coherent to couples. They are emotionally attached to their partners to share feelings, happiness, and grief. With colored moissanite stones, Toi Moi ring looks superb because of the two different tint effects. Individuals can propose their fiancee with the bypass band engagement ring in white or rose gold.

The colorless moissanite stones are still the exquisite choice for the Toi Moi ring style. Select at least 3 to 4.00 carat weights moissanite in an elongated or square shape that easily offers the brilliance that buyer expect. But, to make it more unique, we recommend selecting colored and colorless stone combinations that make engagement ring so beautiful.

[Emerald & Pear Cut Moissanite Toi Moi Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

The best price to pay for a moissanite Toi Moi engagement ring style is between $270 to $800. Consider the stones' prong settings and prefer a petite claw or tab prongs ahead of the claw settings. If you select a blue or yellow colored princess cut moissanite, then choose a claw prong; otherwise, select other settings.

3. Dark Green Step Cut Oval Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement rings have larger carat weights and size stones with other tiny accent stones that overall increase the appearance. The elongated moissanite stones look better in halo rings, such as the oval, emerald, cushion, or radiant cut.

A 2.15 carat center oval or emerald stone is the perfect choice in fancy colors. While for colorless moissanite, go with at least 2.50 carat weights, considering the clarity and color grade. With that, consider the stone size, which depends on how pretty moissanite will looks. So, it's best to pick an ideal L/W ratio for the moissanite that is coherent with personal preference.

[Dark Green Step Cut Oval Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

Individuals can freely spend around $180 to $250 on the moissanite halo engagement rings in any color, clarity, quality, and size. If they want to place a colored moissanite stone as a center stone, the choices are yellow, blue, champagne, red, and orange.

Round or oval shape gems are ideal for accent stones within 0.50 CTW. There are tapered, reverse tapered, split shank, or bypass in white gold or platinum for a more ideal and gorgeous appearance in the ring's bands. A split shank and bypass band is the modern choice where the stones increase the ring's overall appearance.

4. Rose Cut Moissanite Ring: The Traditional And Modern Combination

If you're searching for a unique engagement ring that offers a traditional and modern appearance, then a "Rose Cut" is a perfect choice. The rose cut moissanite offers different facets patterns on the anatomy, but the light reflection is still similar to the brilliant cut. To offer a beautiful engagement ring with a modern touch, the rose cut stones are the finest choice.

The rose cut moissanite has triangular-shaped facets that cover top to bottom surface and drive the twinkling effects of the rainbow. The small triangular facet looks like the petals of the rose flower. With rose cut, individuals can go beyond the traditional colorless option from a selection of fancy colors from champagne, blue, green, and orange color.

18KT yellow gold pear shaped rose cut moissanite ring with accent stones and curving band

The cost of a rose cut moissanite ring starts from $150. Also, within $1000, there is an option to make engagement ring more distinctive to prioritize clarity and cut grades. With it, consider the personal choice according to ring style. The pear shape and oval stones are mostly used in the rose cut rings, pick them within 2 to 6.00 carat weights and prominent symmetry formation.

5. Moissanite Solitaire Ring: The Brilliance Reflector

To offer brilliance and natural light reflection, the solitaire ring style raises their hands because of their formations. In this ring style, only single gemstone or moissanite features in large carat weights and sizes that look ideal. The versatile appearance of the solitaire rings makes them more timeless and elegant than a cluster or halo style.

Opting for the moissanite solitaire ring set, then consider the different settings that offer a distinctive look. For example, a prong setting is the most common preference for the solitaire rings, where the small sized metal prong holds the stone and provides durability. While a bezel setting solitaire ring is the safest choice if buyers are concerned about the symmetry of the stones.

5 carat yellowish champagne pear shaped moissanite solitaire engagement ring in 18KT yellow gold

Another option for the solitaire ring is the tension setting, where the stones are placed at the center, and the two opposite metal bands give support to the overall structure. While a cathedral setting in solitaire style, the prongs and arches make the ring appear modern with traditional touch.

For moissanite stone, you can select oval, princess, cushion, or emerald cut with 2.00 carat weights and VVS clarity grade. Also, you have the option of colored moissanite ranging from yellow to red. The average cost for the solitaire ring in moissanite is between $350 to $800 in yellow and white gold. 

6. Moissanite Engagement Ring Set: The Bridal Choice

The moissanite engagement ring set is the best selection for a bridal look because it features two split bands worn together or separately. On one band, the moissanite is placed with the prong settings or halo style, per the buyer's request.

While another band refers to the channel or pave set where the small accent stones are placed. This band is sometime only features the simple gold plating that refers to promise ring.

The colorless moissanite engagement band set is a wonderful choice because of its natural sparkle reflections. Consider choosing atleast 4.00 carat weighted center stone in an elongated shape. While for a square moissanite does not go beyond 3.00 carats. Colored moissanite will introduce a distinctive appearance than traditional gemstones or diamonds.

Brownish yellow cushion moissanite engagement ring set in 18KT yellow gold

Have a wish to successfully deliver love message by offering the moissanite ring set as an engagement sign, use a customization option. With it, individuals can make engagement ring set unique and different from others. A moissanite engagement set costs between $130 to $1500. So, spend on it according to recipient's preference and revealing the emotional attachment.

7. Step Cut Moissanite Ring: The Hall Of Mirror Introducer

The step cut moissanite ring is known for the "Hall Of Mirror" effects that look prominent from all corners. Usually, this effect is found in the emerald cut, but most step cut stone carries the effect. The facets of step cut moissanite stone bring the best dimensions that reflect brilliance and scintillation.

Between 2.00 to 7.00 carat weights step cut moissanite artificial stones, the engagement ring looks larger and more luxurious on the hands. With the step cut, the three-stone or five-stone ring style is ideal for the bezel setting. While a prong setting is another option if need to see the bottom appearance of the stones.

5.40 carat fancy dark grey colored emerald step cut moissanite three-stone ring in 18KT rose gold

The step cut moissanite is the combined choice for brilliant and rose cut because the facets similar to the petals of rose flowers. The reflection is identical to brilliant cut synthetic stones. The emerald, radiant, and oval cut stones are perfect for the step cut engagement ring because of their length and width.

Consider spending around $500 to $1700 on this ring style with white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Not select SI or VS clarity grade moissanite even at cheap cost because it's fails to offers a brilliance appearance in the ring. Select the colored moissanite stones according to your love partner's Zodiac sign and make the engagement ring more auspicious.

8. Old Mine Cut Engagement Ring: The Classical Choice

If individuals are looking for a hand-made custom engagement ring for their partners within $1500, an old mine cut moissanite awaits for them. The old mine cut moissanite stone crafted with the hands to make it more durable, but now it made with the modern technology. For a classical engagement ring with additional personal touch select a mine cut stone especially in an elongated oval shape with a 1.50 L/W ratio.

In old mine cut, there is an option to select a halo, vintage, three-stone, filigree engraved band, or solitaire ring style. While the stone choices are oval, marquise, pear, moval, emerald, and Asscher cut. It means if a couples want an elongated mine cut engagement ring or with the some modifications, it's possible to make.

While a square old mine moissanite ring is also a good choice in yellow or rose gold, the square shaped moissanite engagement band refers to the gemstones with a colored appearance. For example, a peridot features a green shade in the symmetrical balance, so the 1.50 carat weight green cushion cut moissanite appeared ideal in the ring.

Colorless old mine oval cut moissanite engagement ring for women in 18KT white gold

A 3.75 carat weighted old mine moissanite ring costs $871.25, where you can get an 18KT white gold option. For a platinum moissanite ring, you have to pay around $1100. Before shopping for an old mine cut ring, inspect the color, clarity, carat weights, prong settings, and carat weights. If you purchase the ring from an online store in a different country, insist on the certification.

9. Portrait Cut Stone Ring: The Crystal Clear Appearance

The portrait cut stone ring offers a crystal clear appearance because the table surface exists without any step or brilliant cut facets. While the crown surface has small triangular shape facets that help in the movement of the light reflection. In portrait cut moissanite available in the hexagonal and radiant cut that offers a beautiful appearance to recipient.

Giving the portrait cut moissanite ring to a love partner, and the intention is to keep transparency in a relationship. In every love relations, two individuals bring dreams and aspirations, and they have their own past experiences. So, to make it clear as a crystal, the portrait cut ring can add honesty to a relationship.

A solitaire ring style is perfect for the portrait cut moissanite stone. While you can opt for a halo or accent band style for these synthetic stones engagement rings choose a VVS clarity and colorless moissanite that still offers shining reflections.

2.15 carat weighted portrait cut radiant moissanite solitaire engagement ring in 14KT white gold

For a 2.00 carat portrait cut solitaire engagement ring, you have to pay $500 for 14KT gold addition. While for a platinum ring, the cost reached nearly $700. The prong setting should be aligned with the ring style. Here, for a portrait cut ring, a claw or petite claw prong setting is the best choice ahead of V-shaped or cornered prongs.

10. Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring: Ever Pretty Choice

The symmetrical formation of oval moissanite is ideal that reflects more fire and scintillation in natural sunlight and artificial lightning. The unique cut of the oval stone delivers the elegant appearance of an engagement ring, whatever the style is. The elongated oval moissanite stone offers a sophisticated and timeless appearance that suits brides-to-be.

The moissanite stone enhances the beauty and richness of the ring with its unparalleled and distinctive light reflection. Individual can select this elongated stone in a straightforward band in a solitaire style. Otherwise, little diamonds or gemstones on the band make the engagement ring shine more. That enhances the beauty and excellence of statement or promise ring.
VVS clarity oval moissanite hidden halo engagement ring in 14KT yellow gold

Select a minimally affected Bow-tie effect that significantly impacts the light reflections in the oval moissanite ring. A bow-tie effect is usually found around the center table surface with oval stone. Also, pay attention to selecting not so elongated or wider stone that looks asymmetrical.

For an oval moissanite engagement band, you can spend from $400 to $2000 in any ring style in white gold. In this price range, individuals can get the most attractive and modern oval ring for fiancee in rose gold or platinum. Select at least a 2.50 carat weighted center stone, and for an accent stone, pick 1.50 carat moissanite in VVS clarity.

11. Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring: The Lovely Choice

The emerald cut moissanite features large step-cut facets and less cropped corners, making the light reflectivity more n more optimistic. For rectangular and long gems engagement rings at affordable cost and brilliant appearance, the "Emerald Cut Moissanite" is the perfect choice.

With emerald cut stone, there is a choice to pick faint to darker colors like fancy vivid pink, light champagne, vivid yellow, and intense blue of a fancy black shade gems. So, individuals can prefer these moissanites ahead of the colored gemstones for engagement rings. Most importantly, emerald moissanite looks larger on the hands than other square and traditional cuts.

3-carat weighted colorless emerald and round cut moissanite engagement ring with VVS clarity

For moissanite rings in emerald cut stones, individuals have to pay around $1000 if they like platinum metal and bluish color gems. With the $1000 price, they have a choice to pick a colorless emerald within 4.50 carat weights in VVS clarity. While for a minimalist or cathedral setting engagement ring, they can still purchase it for $1000. Moissanite isn't costlier to get, but the quality benchmark remains high such as clarity, cut and carat weights.

12. Teardrop Pear Shaped Moissanite Ring: The Joy Of Tears

The pear moissanite ring refers to the teardrop shape because it represents the joy of tears that every couples experience in their relationship, one time. While some diamond connoisseurs acknowledge that a pear shape combines brilliant round cut and emerald stone. For adding the extra emotional touch to the hand of a love partner, the teardrop shape ring could be a proper choice.

A pear shaped moissanite has a circle ending at one part, and the other part is in a sharp edge that helps in the light reflection movement and increases the refractive index. To offer a wearing experience of brilliant round and emerald cut stone, select a pear moissanite engagement ring in a halo or bezel setting with rose gold or platinum.

Colorless pear moissanite three-stone engagement ring in 14KT rose gold

Between 2.50 to 4.50 carat weights is the best choice for a teardrop pear shaped engagement ring. Pick at least FL or VVS clarity grade for a solitaire or minimalist ring style. While a halo or cluster style prefers VS clarity and F color grades. There is an option to move with the colored moissanite stones. The average cost of the pear moissanite ring is $500 to $1200, with the large stone and best clarity or color grades in gold band.

13. Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring: The Cute Choice

The cushion cut stones are usually square because of their perfect symmetrical balance. But, in modern times, they feature an elongated shape in an old mine and brilliant cut. The old mine cushion cut is known for its hand-crafting process that offers a pleasing wearing experience. Thus, buyers can opt it for an engagement ring considering the best clarity and color grades.

If they opted for a halo, cluster, or cathedral ring style for old mine cushion cut, then prefer a colorless center stone with at least 4.00 carat weights. A 4.00 carat weights cushion looks large, especially with the old mine cut. For accent stones, go with the pink, yellow or blue colored small sized stones with at least 1.50 carat weights.

Antique old mine cushion cut moissanite engagement ring with fancy colored accent stones

While in a square cushion cut moissanite engagement ring, select 3.00 carat weights with VVS or VS clarity with less blemishes and the natural lights you expect. Individuals can spend around $800 to $1400 and make it more optimistic with the short romantic engraving message on the gold band.

Also, for a ring's band style you have a choice to pick it from the six patterns: straight, tapered, bypass, split shank, twisted, infinity, and reverse tapered. With the customization of the ring's band individual can add more sentimental value in cushion cut engagement ring.

14. Princess Cut Moissanite Ring: The Fancy Selection

The princess cut stone is identified as a square shaped ring by its sparkle and fire appearance. The stunning light reflection of this square shape stone makes them distinctive from cushion and round cut. Due to sharp edged corners, the stone elegantly offers a modern and sophisticated look.

Due to their captivating allure in the engagement ring, couples prefer the princess cut moissanite in colorless or fancy colors options. The cost of princess cut rings is affordable compared to the brilliant round cut. Make sure to opt for a 1:1.20 L/W ratio and 2.00 carat weights in the princess cut moissanite ring for a more elegant appearance.

Princess cut moissanite halo engagement ring in split shank band in 14KT white gold

Having a square shape, the princess cut suists in any ring style, whether it's a classical solitaire, modern halo, or vintage-inspired Art Deco pattern with filigree work. Within $200 to $800 price, a beautiful princess moissanite engagement ring available in a split shank band with VVS clarity and colorless stones. Meanwhile, many choices exist to pick in different band and clarity grades according to the ring style.

15. Hexagon Cut Solitaire Moissanite Ring

A hexagon cut moissanite engagement band features six triangle blocks on the table surface, while the step cut delivers extra beauty to the stone internally. For antique moissanite rings similar to vintage style, individuals can opt for a hexagon cut because of their elegant appearance and light reflections.

Individuals can select the hexagon moissanite in solitaire with double claw prongs settings or make it with the filigree work pattern band. There is a choice to pick a fancy colored stone that is trending and fashionable to offer as an engagement ring. These stones have required durability that protects the symmetrical balance and structure.

[Hexagon Cut Solitaire Moissanite Ring]-[golden bird jewels]

For a hexagon moissanite ring, spend around $300 to $1000 depending on how much higher clarity, carat weights, cut, and color grades chosen. The solitaire or hidden halo ring style is ideal for these antique moissanite stones; a bypass patterned Toi et Moi ring is the modern choice.

Select at least a 3.00 carat weight center stone with a 1.50 carat accent stone in fancy colors. Moissanite rings are known for their larger appearance at an affordable cost. So don't compromise to select larger carat weights stones in ideal quality. Pick a perfect metal from white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. While a low price metal option is silver, similar to platinum and white gold in appearance.


Purchasing the perfect moissanite engagement ring isn't a hard task, but from following the procedure, individuals can get a beautiful piece of love that can be used for a proposal. First, they have to understand the personal preference for which ring style they want to offer their love partner, especially for a woman. Selecting a solitaire or a cathedral setting halo ring is an option.

After that, allocate a specific amount to purchasing the engagement ring. To do that, individuals can experience hassle-free purchasing. Then see which options exist in the ring style they want to buy for their love partner. Here, they can visit the nearest jewelry store from their geolocation and virtually search the e-commerce or websites offering graceful moissanite rings.

Furthermore, if the e-commerce store gives a better product and service than an offline store, then ask them how the product will reach customer's hands. Also, don't make instant purchase decisions but compare the product quality and service with other stores and then reach a conclusion.

In these moissanite engagement rings or bands, we followed all the ethical practices and better quality that keeps signifies individuals emotions. They can opt for the moissanite ring from the above mentioned list. We offer a customization option in shape, ring band, metal, clarity, carat, cut, and ring formation. If you need any help, contact us, we're open 24*7*365 on our website.