Pink spinel birthstone for August month

Spinel Gemstone For August: A Versatile Colored Precious Gem

Birthstones play a vital role in a person’s life, and it has the power to change the scenario and situation of human lives. These gems' importance is recognized worldwide after their invention and benefits for all humans. After thousands of centuries from the founded time, still the birthstones showers the auspiciousness and provide power to humans.

The powers include physical, spiritual, metaphysical, emotional, and mental advantages that transform the struggling life into a well maintained wealthy lifestyle. But it’s not implemented in all cases.

Every month has its own birthstones according to Zodiac signs and astrology; one of them, August’s "Spinel" which is the most precious gem that appears in purplish pink hues.This gemstone features mostly pink and blue colors that make it intensified and precious.

In August month’s birthstone, there are primarily three gems that exist: Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx. Peridot gemstone features a faint to vibrant green shade that offers a beautiful brilliance. In spinel stone, the pink color makes them most elegant to pick for delivering a romantic message in the ring or band. While a sardonyx birthstone represents the chocolate colored rock where the white vortex appeared.

The spinel birthstone is used as an alternative to ruby gems because of the same pattern and crystal lattice. Meanwhile, for many years these gemstones were acknowledged as ruby, a red color precious natural stone. While after the proper inspection, the spinel has proven its distinctive identity in a usual dark, intense pink hue.

This is the modern gemstone of the August month, and it refers to the beauty and elegance due to its color versatility. In spinel birthstone the color shades ranging from pink to blue and red, even it features a black opaque surface. The Mohs scale hardness rating is 8 for spinel gem. It means the spinel gemstone is still more durable than another birthstone.

From owning or wearing the spinel stone in jewelry, it brings positive feelings and joy that motivate one to make an informed decision. There are many mysteries exist regarding these precious gems that will be unlocked in this article. 

This article will showcase the spinel stone's history and meaning. Also, they have most beneficial characteristics which are helpful for human lives. Spinel gems are found in many few locations worldwide. As a result, they founded in the most rare gemstones lists.

Keep engaged with us until the end to know comprehensive details regarding this August month spinel gemstone. Finally, don't forget to see the best alternative of the spinel stone.

What Is Spinel Birthstone For August?

Spinel is the modern gemstone for August month, and it carries color variations from pink, blue, red, purple, orange, lavender, and black. These precious gems are coherent with the sapphire and ruby birthstone for their identical appearance and brilliance reflection.

These spinel stones are founded in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam, where other natural precious gems are founded simultaneously.

Spinel birthstone for August month with bright intensity

On the Mohs Scale, the spinel stone secures the 8 hardness score. It represents this August month birthstone's structure still scratch resistant and durable to pick for rings or vintage inspired necklaces.

Due to the +10 versatile fancy colors existence, these natural gems are selected by jewelry enthusiasts and connoisseurs to bring brilliance appearance. As a result, couples started to select commitment and promise rings in the oval or radiant cut spinel gemstone.

Spinel Gems Meaning To Know

As a birthstone of August month, spinel has a symbolic and emotional significance. This gem represents the vitality, energy, strength, endurance, love, passion, inspiration, creativity, balance, and harmony between two individuals, especially a couple. When a person desires to fill a romantic message with motivation, then a spinel stone helps them accomplish decided goal.

The meaning of August’s spinel depends on personal beliefs, experiences, and historical faiths. While the different color shade variation of this August birthstone represents the different meanings and attributes.

Square pink colored spinel gemstone with a brilliance

For example, the pink colored spinel carries the romantic message between two love birds. While a fancy vivid orange spinel stone indicates the strength and supportive nature. Also, a purple and blue stone defines the joy and happiness in life.

While a red color spinel gives how passionately the partner is attached to the love relationship and of course, with the spouse. Many royal persons preferred dark red spinel gems for their special appearance. Also, the power attribute will be showered from these precious stones. That make the person take control over all the situations and conditions.

Historical Significance Of Spinel Gemstones

The history of spinel gemstones represents their importance in the world. These gems were founded approximately around 100 BCE near Kabul, Afghanistan, with spine-shaped octahedral crystals. That means after 2122 years of their origin, these precious and versatile colored gems are still used to offer their supernatural powers. That’s why many peoples are selecting these gems in pink, red, and blue.

These gemstones were mistakenly considered sapphire and ruby gems because of their similar appearance and light reflections. But with the proper research, that had been acknowledged that spinel birthstone has different properties and attributes. After the inspection, the spinel gems established their distinctive placement in the list of birthstones.

While talking about the historical meaning of the spinel then, it connects with the Latin culture. The spinel gem refers to the Latin word "Spina," which means a "throne"and "backbone." As a result, in ancient times, these colored gemstones were part of severe medical treatment, and it had successfully relieved the person who suffered from the backbone issue.

Spinel gem historical significance

In addition, to improve blood circulation, these August birthstones shower their natural powers invisibly on the person. It help them experience this world's joy and beauty with no diseases. In addition, the color variations of the spinel stone convey mystical powers, especially spirituality. For example, these gems play a vital role in fighting evil spirits and provide a shield around the owner and wearer.

There is a belief exists that a spinel handovers good fortune, affirmative personality, and motivation to the wearer and guides them to make a perfect decision in every situation.

That’s why they’re still selected in the pendants with yellow gold chain and it offers as a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day present. The attractive personality of the spinel pulls all the eyes towards it and defines brilliance and luxuriousness.

Characteristics Of The Spinel Birthstone

The most important characteristic of the spinel birthstone is its excellent brilliance and luminance effects that reflects from the crystal. Also, these gems contain various hues options ranging from deep red to fancy blue. Also with it, the shades of pink, orange, and purple exists available in the spinel gemstone.

After diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, the spinel scored the toughest score on the Mohs scale's 8. It means you can select them for engagement rings or earrings that create more specialized and personal adornment for your love partner.

Attributes and characteristics of August month's spinel birthstone

You need a gemstone that is scratch resistant and hard for durability, then this August birthstone is the perfect choice. You can select them for the jewelry as well as for the vintage collection if you’re a jewelry lover and collector.

Traditionally, birthstones offer the wearer a good fortune and positive energy, and it is also implemented on the spinel gem. These precious gems are ideal for the person born in August who wants to experience some mystical and intriguing powers. From wearing these versatile colored gems in jewelry that represent the unique personality and elegance.

Spinel’s Fancy Colors Variations

With this stunning and versatile August birthstone, you can find 10 types of color variations that offer a brilliance and flashy appearance. That’s why people who loves to get traditional and durable stones with fancy colors opted for a spinel birthstone instead of fancy colored diamonds.

Spinel’s fancy gem color options are described below. Select a perfect one for your anniversary pendant, necklace for a wedding, or bangle.

Color variations in spinel gemstone from red to multicolor
  • Red: In spinel birthstone, you can find a deep red to pinkish-red color that looks like a ruby gemstone. These colored gems are the perfect choice for vintage jewelry, especially for an engagement or wedding.

  • Pink: The delicate and romantic sprinkles that shower every moment from a pink spinel gems and it counted as a beautiful choice. These colors range from soft pastel pink to deep pink, which offers a scintillation.

    • Blue: Blue color refers to peace, tranquility, calmness, and connection between two spouses. In blue spinel, the color ranged from light to dark blue, sometimes appearing as sapphires. You can pick this gemstone as alternative of blue diamonds.

      • Purple/Lavender: In spinel with the purple color, you have a choice to pick a faint lavender to dark one, as you prefer. Spinel’s purple or lavender reflects the gorgeous reflections and offers maturity to humans.

        • Orange: Orange color refers to the brightness and Sunlight that pour the elegant appearance in spinel. In this color range, warm, fiery orange to softer or peachy hues exists.

          • Brown: In brown spinel gems, the color range is present from light to darker because of their formation and chemical involvement. These gems are rare to get and are especially mined from some locations.

            • Black: Black spinel features only one color, "Fancy Black," and only an opaque surface. It can be used as a substitute for black gemstone, called onyx. Also, you can opt for these gems as the best option for black diamonds.

              • Colorless: The colorless spinel refers to the diamond alternative because trace elements like boron and nitrogen are absent in the symmetrical balance. Thus, spinel is the best option for those who want to pick a colorless gemstone for their love piece jewelry.

                • Multicolor: For those who want to experience a multicolor in the gemstone, spinel is a good choice. It’s best to pick them as a fancy-colored diamond alternative.

                  Keep in mind the saturation and color intensity of the spinel gem depends on the trace elements present in the crystal lattice structure. If the elements are available to a great extent, the stone looks darker or deeper in color. Another side, the stone looks light to fancy light shades when the trace elements are present in less range.

                  Where Spinel Gemstone Found?

                  Spinel gemstones are known for their versatile color saturation and brilliance that is similar to sapphire and ruby. A Southeast Asia region mostly produces precious spinel gems and offers them to worldwide birthstone lovers and enthusiasts. These spinel stones are mined from Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Afghanistan.

                  Worlwide spinel gemstone origin places on map

                  Different mining locations offer various spinel stones with various color intensities and qualities. For example, the most precious quality in spinel is mined from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. While faint or vibrant colored spinel gems were found brought out from Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Tanzania.

                  How To Care Spinel Birthstone?

                  For cleaning your spinel stone, avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures to contact with the gems because it affects the appearance and anatomy. The discoloration in the spinel gems you may be invited for using the chemicals for cleaning. Keep gently cleaning the gemstone with warm soapy water and a soft brush, and dry it with a soft cloth. Remove the spinel jewelry from engaging activities like sports or household chores.

                  Buying Guide For Spinel Gemstones

                  If you're considering spinel gemstones, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, color is a crucial consideration. Decide on the shade and intensity of color that appeals to you the most. Additionally, clarity and cut play a role in the overall beauty of the gemstone. Look for spinels with good clarity and a well-cut shape to maximize their brilliance.

                  As diamond clarity, in spinel clarity grades available like as Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very Very Small Included 1/2, and Very Small Included 1/2. Consider at least VVS clarity in this pink colored August birthstone.

                  When purchasing spinel, it is important to buy from reputable sources to ensure the authenticity and quality of the gemstone. Consider consulting with a gemstone expert or jeweler who specializes in spinel to guide you in making an informed decision. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can find this August gemstone perfectly suits your preferences and budget.

                  Spinel vs. Moissanite: The Comparison

                  There are many misconceptions exist about spinel and moissanite because of their color variations, clarity, ethical practices, appearance, durability, refractive index, cost, rarity, and elegance. These gems have their own identity, but before deciding, you have to compare which one will be sparkled on your jewelry and fulfills your expectations.

                  Comparison between spinel and gemstone

                  Clear your doubts regarding the spinel and moissanite gems from knowing their attributes.

                  Let’s see their difference and decide for yourself which is perfect, colored moissanite or a spinel.

                  Natural Spinel


                  Colored Moissanite

                  Magnesium Aluminum Oxide


                  Silicon Carbide

                  Naturally In Earth


                  In Laboratories

                  Very Scare To Get Naturally


                  Not More

                  $200 - $500/Carat

                  Price and Value

                  $50 - $100/Carat


                  Color Variations


                  FL to I3


                  FL to VS

                  Probably Followed

                  Ethical Practices

                  Always Followed

                  Precious Gems


                  Fancy Artificial Stones

                  1.76 to 1.77

                  Brilliance Refractive Index

                  2.63 - 2.68

                  7.5 to 8



                  In Good Grade

                  Brilliance and Fire

                  In Ideal Grade

                  $200 - $500/Carat

                  Price and Value

                  $50 - $100/Carat

                  Royal and Luxurious Experience

                  Influential Advantage

                  Cheap Cost

                  Quality and Naturality

                  Why Prefers

                  Cost Over Quality

                  Keep in mind the appearance of moissanite jewelry is the most affordable option in the diamond alternatives and even the best substitute for dark red spinel. You can opt for the moissanite stone for your engagement ring, wedding band, bracelet, or solitaire pendants in gold.

                  Nowadays, many counterfeits crystals are sold as spinel and moissanite stones with +100 - 300% more price. So, when you opted these gems, consider insisting on recognized certifications that offer valuable insights regarding the stone’s clarity, color, carat, origin, hardness, or other important details.


                  Spinel is a gemstone that deserves recognition and admiration for its enchanting beauty and rich history. From its captivating sparkle to its wide range of colors, spinel has the ability to mesmerize and captivate jewelry lovers around the world. As the birthstone for August, it holds a special place in the hearts of those born in this month, symbolizing their unique qualities and personality.

                  These gems are recognized for their color versatility and intensity that reflect a beautiful brilliance and appearance. From dark red to light blue, the spinel carries options that offer mystical powers to the wearer. As a result, it is selected in vintage jewelry with a combination of colorless or fancy colored stones.

                  The attributes of the spinel contain an 8 score on the hardness rating out of 10, which means the scratch-resistant ability available in this August stone. As a result, you can opt for this stone for your love partner’s engagement ring or charming bracelets.

                  Consider picking the best clarity, carat weights, and cut grades coherent with style. Pick a suitable yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold metal in spinel jewelry.

                  Whether you choose to wear spinel as a simply appreciate its allure, this gemstone is a true treasure that continues to enchant and fascinate. Its versatility, affordability, and exceptional beauty make it a gemstone that can be enjoyed and cherished by all. So embrace the enchanting beauty of spinel and let this gemstone add a touch of magic and elegance to your jewelry collection.

                  Ultimately, between moissanite and spinel, you have to decide which is the right choice for your wedding jewelry. Moissanite will be a perfect selection if you insist on spending less money but need excellent quality in color grades, clarity, carat, cut weights, and durability.

                  Otherside, for traditional gemstone that offers royal and luxurious attributes, a red or pink spinel is an elegant gem for increases the overall value of the jewelry.

                  Want to shop an ethically sourced and made moissanite fancy colors beyond your expectations, then visit our colored stone collection. If you can’t find your favorite one and want to make that, contact us. We will bring a colorful moissanite jewelry with beauty and dazzling reflections that flicker your emotions.

                  Pink stone jewelry for women defines the love and romance that makes a relationship more profound and meaningful. Make your bonding unbreakable and flexible with your love partner by offering beautiful pink colored stone jewelry. Also, reveal your gratitude to your spouse."

                  - Golden Bird Jewels