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Moissanite V/s Diamond Rings: What To Choose For Your Style

When a love partner needs to reveal his feelings and thoughts through the sign called a "Ring," there are many choices to pick. For example, if his spouse desires to offer a simple gold-plated matching band, it's available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

While she prefers a luxurious wearing experience in rings, diamonds are an elegant choice. But, if someone searching for a cost-friendly ring with the same appearance as the diamonds, then what are the options? The option is the "Moissanite." The moissanite is an ethical and artificial stone made with the best practices from following the regulations and minimal environmental footprints.

You have a question why prioritize these synthetic stones ahead of precious and traditional diamonds? Is the cost factor influences buyers to select moissanite stones ahead of the strong carbon crystal? Or for some other reasons, customers prefer the moissanite rings? All of these questions are answered in the article.

We will disclose and inspect every aspect of the diamond and moissanite and try to understand what's the difference between moissanite and diamond rings. So, stay engaged with the article until it ends to make an informed decision about what is better for you.

What Is Diamond?

Diamond is the crystal form of carbon that birth in the earth's mantle under 150 to 300 kilometers. The formation of diamond results from the intense pressure and heat, where the carbon atoms start to amalgamate in a proper crystal lattice structure.

While talking about the atomic structure of the diamond is in the three-dimensions framework, which is part of the crystal lattice. Different dimensional crystal lattice placements distinguish the diamonds from other stones like moissanite, cubic zirconia, and gemstones.

Diamonds brilliance reflections appearance

The part of sparkle reflection, hardness, and durability of the diamond is caused for the crystal lattice framework, and without it, this gem not look so special.

Also, these precious gemstones gained their natural attributes due to volcanic eruptions in the earth's crust where the intense temperature helps the crystal to form in a diamond's structure. They have a rarity and high value than other stones. That's why diamonds signify luxuriousness and brilliant appearance because it's made with a totally natural process.

In diamonds, the customer finds brilliance, durability, high reflection, luxuriousness, wealth, and status of love and romance. As a result, they opted for the diamond for engagement rings, pendants, and earrings. Especially, the promise rings are selected with these gems that reflects an emotions and attachments. The cost of these gemstones has much due to their mining costs and other overhead expenses.

Moissanite: The Reality Check

Moissanite is the diamond alternative choice that contains ideal fire, brilliance, and scintillation effects with itself. In 1893, a French Chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan, found these gemstones capable of offering special light reflections.

In the laboratory, moissanite is made through a complex process containing a growing crystal. In this process the silicon carbide is pressurized with the temperature that helps to form it in the best crystal lattice structure.

In forming moissanite, the compound symmetry of carbon and silicon is heated with intense temperature and pressure in the laboratory, creating a vapor atmosphere. This vapor influences the carbon-silicon molecules to form in the crystal structure. Due to total artificial control over the formation process, the stone is made with the desired shape, size, color, and quality.

3.05 carat weighted step cut oval champagne moissanite stone in VVS clarity

After the making process, the moissanite crystal goes under the cutting and polishing, where it finally gets the fire and brilliance effect in the symmetrical structure. You can go with the moissanite gems when you need elegant and unique jewelry without sacrificing the quality. They carry a 9.25 Mohs scale out of 10, which means hard and durable stone.

These gemstones feature brilliant round cut, princess, cushion, and Asscher cut. At the same time, the elongated shapes of moissanite exist in emerald, cushion, and radiant cuts. The fancy shape option available between oval, pear, and marquise drives the sparkle reflections beautifully.

Most importantly, in moissanite, the customized cut options available as old cut (European and Mine cut), rose cut, step cut, and portrait cut.

The Aspects Of Moissanite and Diamonds To Know

When you sit to inspect what is better for you, a moissanite or a diamond, there are aspects that exist. That includes the 4cs grades, durability, refractive index, price, variations, and ethical practices. These aspects or factors help you to make a properly informed decision and offer a great purchase experience.

Let's understand each factor in more detail.

1. 4cs Grade: The Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut

In the diamonds, the 4cs grades exist as color, clarity, carat, and cut. According to GIA, the color represents how much the stone's crystal has a yellow tint, ranging from D to Z (colorless to fancy colors). In diamond clarity, it determines whether the diamond's anatomy is free from blemishes and inclusions or the surface is covered with the scratches. The carat says the overall weightage of the stone's symmetrical structure, including the facets. The cut refers to the sparkle reflection ability.

Diamond and moissanite color, carat clarity and cut grades comparison

At the same time, the moissanite still has the 4cs grades same as diamonds. In these gems, the color grade ranges from off-white to darker surface, which is the best alternative over diamonds. In moissanite, most stones are made with the Flawless to VVS clarity free from the many inclusions. From 0.80 to 10.00-carat weight ranges exists in the moissanite. The cut of these cheaper gems graded from Excellent to Good plays a key role in the reflection.

Winner = Diamonds. Due to proper 4cs grades than moissanite stone.

2. Durablity: The Longetivity Factor

Usually, diamonds are formed under the earth's crust, where they naturally combine with the carbon atomic structure. The formation in the crystal lattice from the intense heat and temperature fills the hardness and durability to the diamond. As a result, these natural diamonds have a 10/10 score on the Mohs Scale. Even lab-grown diamond secures 10/10 score.

Diamond vs moissanite durability score check

Moissanite is made in the laboratory using Silicon and Carbon. In the formation of Silicon Carbide crystals, the lattice framework fails to offer 100% hardness to the stone's symmetry. But moissanite is the second-numbered most tough gemstone that is scratch-resistant and durable. The Mohs scale of this stone is 9.25 out of 10, representing it is still a practical choice for long-lasting appearance in jewelry.

Winner = Diamonds. Diamonds have 10/10 score on the Mohs scale hardness rating.

3. Refractive Index: The Customer's Priority

The refractive index shows how much sparkle could be released from the stones. Every customer wants to make their stone sparkle and reflect the lights. The gemstones, including diamonds and moissanite known for the refractive index. It  aparts between synthetic and natural gems.

The diamond refractive index is less than a moissanite. The natural diamond has a 2.42 refractive index representing the stone has elegant sparkle reflection ability. Also, diamonds look more precious than other gemstones because of their flash appearance.

Diamond vs moissanite refractive index score

In moissanite, the refractive index ranges from 2.65 to 2.69, which makes them better than natural diamonds. Moissanite's much refractive index represents the entering speed of the light in the crystal reflected more quickly by cutting the air. In other words, the fast sparkle reflects from the ticking point of the moissanite stone than a diamond.

Winner = Moissanite. The score is 2.65 - 2.69 for the refractive index.

4. Price Comparison Between Moissanite and Diamonds

Moissanite is cheaper than diamonds because they are made artificially in a scientific laboratory. In the laboratory, the moissanite stone is grown following all the regulations and norms for manufacturer of synthetic diamonds. There's no need to purchase heavy equipment and machinery for mining and manufacturing. That's why the overhead costs are less for the moissanite.

Diamond vs moissanite price comaprison in color, carat weights, clarity and cut grades

In the earth's crust, the diamonds are taking birth with the molecules of chemicals that interact with intense heat and temperature. This heat and temperature turn the crystal into a carbon form, adding an extra layer of durability and hardness.

That's why diamonds have a 10/10 hardness score on the Mohs scale. But the mining costs and workers' remuneration pull the diamonds' prices higher and higher. That's why natural diamonds are sold at least +453.50% (Approx.) more costly than moissanite with the same color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades.

Winner = Moissanite. The cost of moissanite is significantly cheaper than a diamond.

5. Variations

Synthetic moissanite is a clear boss for the variations to compare with the natural diamond. Because moissanite carries vintage rose cut to modern brilliant cut stones in distinguished shapes like princess, round, OEC, radiant, elongated cushion, and other customized options. Most importantly, the cost of these stones remains cheaper, and they offer large carat weights compared than a diamonds.

Diamond vs moissanite cuts variations comparison

While in natural diamonds, the cost is a headache for you? Do you know why? Let us explain. You need a round rose cut diamond with 1.50-carat weights in VVS clarity and D color and Excellent cut grade, so the cost should be $5000 to $8500. How expensive this diamond is! Are you ready to pay more $5875 to 8375? If not, go with the moissanite rose cut stone that offers an extra fiery and scintillation effect.

Winner = Moissanite. Moissanite has more options in the cuts that decides how much the sparkles.

6. Ethical Practices

Ethical jewelry practices mean how carefully the diamond and stones jewelry are found and safely reach the customer's hand. In other words, what steps are taking to make the supply chain flexible and easier to cooperate with? While in manufacturers' and customers' points of view, ethical jewelry is how diamond or stone jewelry is made by following the regulations to release less environmental footprint to reduce the effects of mining and other aspects.

In moissanite, we follow all the ethical considerations to make this gem beautiful and environmentally friendly from its making to reach the hands of the customers. We conclude best practices to make a minimal footprint environment and contribute our share to create a healthful atmosphere for all.

Ethical practices for diamond and moissanite reality check

The diamonds are found in the mines, and many examples still exist where the workers are harassed and tortured. They illegally mined the gems fixed in the jewelry, like engagement rings, earrings, and bracelets. But, instead of their pretty appearance, it's only a "Blood Sign" of their workers who lost lives and were handicapped. That's why diamonds are known as "Blood Diamonds."

Meanwhile, now most diamond entities follow ethical practices and regulations to mine the gems to add a layer of legality to the precious stone. They understand the importance of the ethical jewelry and diamond workers' working conditions and other benefits to offer that they deserve. So, you can choose the diamonds from that diamond jewelry company certified by a corporation like RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council).

Winner = Moissanite. Moissanite made ethically and doesn't involves in conflict and releasing the minimal environmental footprint.

Moissanite V/s. Diamond Rings: The Comparison

The engagement rings in moissanite and diamonds are not so far different from each other, but these both gems are used as alternatives, especially synthetic moissanite stones. The ring styles are available from classic vintage Art Deco patterns to the modern halo cluster one that offers a luxurious wearing experience.

Consider the best metal selection in engagement rings because your ring's 70-80% part is covered with that, so make sure you opt a yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Another side, the platinum metal engagement ring is elegant choice ever.

The quality should match your budget and expectations when selecting a synthetic stone or natural diamond. In quality, pay attention to choosing color, clarity, carat weights, cut grades, and shape from elongated to square options. The diamond or stone size should be ideal and proper for the rings.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

In moissanite rings, you can opt for a style from a classic time vintage-inspired Art Deco pattern to a modern halo accent cluster band. In moissanite engagement rings, the choices are available in halo, vintage, three-stone, solitaire, and Toi et Moi. The fancy-colored synthetic stones offer blazing reflections on the rings, increasing their value.

The elongated moissanite stone, such as emerald, cushion, and radiant cut is the perfect choice for a halo accent or vintage-inspired pave engraved bands. While a traditional synthetic stone-like OEC, old mine cut, or round brilliant cut is a beautiful selection in solitaire or channel set rings. The customized moissanites are portrait cut, rose cut, step cut, old cut, and antique cut.

7.85 carat weighted colorless emerald cut moissanite pave engraved band ring for women in 18KTwhite gold

In engagement rings with ethical moissanite, you can opt for the .50 to 10.00-carat weights in elongated or square colored or colorless stones without breaking the budget consideration. In fancy-colored moissanite, the choices are red, champagne, yellow, blue, pink, off-white, green, orange, and purple stones.

The clarity choices in moissanite stones could be between FL (Flawless) to VS (Very Small Inclusions), where you can get clear and ideal stones that reflect better lights. Choose the band style according to your ring for offering a more adorable wearing experience.

For example, a tapered and reverse tapered band is the perfect choice in a solitaire ring ahead of a bypass pattern. While for Toi et Moi or two stone engagement ring, the bypass style band is an excellent choice for a parallel formation and helping in gold shining.

The cost of the moissanite rings for engagement ranges from $65 to $1300. In this price range for an engagement ring, you can get ethical and synthetic moissanite with better quality and authentication from expert gemologists. Also, with this budget, you can customize the overall ring and maybe the stone to add an emotional attachment. Visit our Exclusive Collection Of Moissanite Engagement Rings.

Price Distribution Chart For Moissanite Engagement Rings

To better understand the cost of different ring styles for ethical moissanite stone, refer to the chart below. You can find all the prices of the ring styles that the couples mostly selected in 18KT yellow gold, 18KT white gold, 925 silver, and 950 platinum. Make sure you prefer this price chart for moissanite engagement rings when buying a piece of love for your spouse anywhere.











18KT White Gold


Bridal Set




18KT Yellow Gold






950 Platinum






14KT White Gold






925 Silver


Toi et Moi




935 Silver




Colorless/Fancy Green


18KT White Gold


Diamond Engagement Rings

The diamond rings for engagement have a connection with life and luxury because they're natural, not artificial stone. Also, in many traditions, diamonds are described as wealth and health status. That's why people prefer these precious natural gems found in the mines. Diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings and wedding jewelry like pendants, necklaces, bands, earrings, bracelets, and bangles.

To select a diamond, you're offering exquisite value to your spouse in the ring. Diamonds are made in the earth's crust through a totally natural process occurment with chemical elements that prove they're real. The sparkle reflection of these valuable gems carries the finest appearance. As a result, people started connecting them with success stories and major accomplishments, professionally and personally.

Princess cut diamond engagement ring in white gold

Image Courtsey: Ourosjewels

In diamond engagement rings, you can pick any ring style and shape coherently to your preference. For example, the halo ring style is a perfect choice if you like to pick an elongated radiant diamond. While for solitaire rings, square shapes princess and cushion cut diamonds are ideal selections. A round brilliant cut is usually found in rings, so you can opt it in any ring style.

As gemstones fancy colors, the diamond also carries color variations from orange, blue, yellow, champagne, brown, chocolate, pink, red, purple, black diamonds and many more. Pick a fancy-colored diamond in an elongated rectangular or square shape, according to your preference. Ensure that you opted the perfect metal from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

The price for 1.00-carat weights diamond engagement rings starts from $2500 to $18000 with the best clarity, color, and cut grades. Also, in this price range, you have the option to choose any ring style from classic to modern time patterns in the band. Also, you can customize the whole ring design according to your preference, and with engraving, place a romantic message for your spouse. This ring offers a distinctive appearance and provides an excellent wearing experience.

Is Moissanite Stone Best Alternative Of Diamond Engagement Rings?

Yes, synthetic moissanite stone is the best alternative for diamond engagement rings to experience identical appearance in the form of scintillation, fire, and brilliance. These synthetic stones have plenty of varieties in colors, cuts, and significance. Also, selecting moissanite for engagement ring is cheap because it is made with the best ethical practices.

Thus, if you're searching for an alternative stone for a diamond that looks identical to precious gems and is price-friendly, then moissanite can help accomplish your goals. Because this synthetic moissanite is made with a totally controlled artificial process where you can see the flawless moissanite.


Selecting engagement rings for women or men isn't a tough task today because educational resources exist, such as blogs, testimonials, e-books, and podcasts. In every resource, you find something different.

But, when it comes to which gems to prefer, a natural or moissanite, there are many debates can be found because every person has a different point of view of thinking.

For example, some diamond connoisseurs define moissanite as artificial gems and stones due to the light's reflections and brilliant appearance. While others say moissanite is only a crystal that reflects ideal flash reflections. The cheap value of the synthetic stone is only one benefit from their point of view.

This article identifies the aspects that differentiate the ethical moissanite stone and natural diamonds. That includes the 4cs grades, durability, refractive index, price, choice variations, and ethical practices. Ensure you note all these points when shopping the engagement rings.

Make your engagement ring moment memorable, adorable, and grand by selecting the synthetic moissanite stone made with an artificial process.


  • Why Moissanite Best For Engagement Rings?

Moissanite is a synthetic stone made in the laboratory with minimal carbon and other elements' environmental footprint. These stones have low prices and attractive light reflection abilities that point them out to choose in engagement rings. In addition, moissanite carries plenty of choices in color, clarity, carat, cut, and shape.

  • Is 6.75 US Ring Size Exists In Moissanite Rings?

Yes, there is an option to choose a ring from 4.00 to 8.00 US size to offer a comfortable and independent wearing experience. Moreover, with the 6.75 US size, your ring will look wider because it features a broad circumference. Consider prioritizing the perfect finger size and the band's width and depth when deciding the ring size.

  • How Much Average Cost To Pay For Moissanite Engagement Ring?

The person who bought the moissanite engagement ring averagely spends around $500 to $1500. The cost of rings depends on how high-quality metal, clarity, cut, carat-weights, and color stones are used. Moreover, you can still get a beautiful engagement ring in 2-carat colorless moissanite synthetic stones in silver, gold, and platinum.

  • Why I Prioritize Moissanite Ahead Precious Diamonds Gems?

Due to ideal and flashy reflections from the symmetrical balance, variations, and cheap prices, you can go with the moissanite. Meanwhile, it contains the best ethical practices and an identical appearance that indicates the choice of a synthetic moissanite stone ahead of precious diamond gems. Also, moissanite is pre-defined as the diamond alternative stone that shows its attributes.

  • Is Moissanite Real and Certified?

Moissanite is a real artificial stone produced in the laboratory following all the ethical practices and regulations. In addition, these synthetic stones' certification describes their color, clarity, carat weights, and dimensions that guide to making an informed purchase decision.

  • How To Care My Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Cleaning your moissanite ring yourself could invite the loss of the metal tone and damage the stone's symmetrical structure. We recommend visiting a professional cleaning service provider who can make your ring newly purchased and restrict the damage to your stone. Within every 6 to 9 months, send your ring to clean by a professional cleaning provider.

  • Are There Any Choices For Colored Moissanite Rings?

In colored moissanite rings, the choices are orange, blue, pink, yellow, champagne, brown, violet, brown, chocolate, black and red. All these colored synthetic stones exist in customized and brilliant cuts that offer beautiful lights reflections. For stylish and modernized engagement rings colored moissanite stones are a perfect choice.

  • Is White Gold Better Than A Yellow Gold Moissanite Ring?

A white gold moissanite ring is the ideal choice for the colorless center stone because it matches the refractions. While with the colored mossanite ring, yellow gold is a good choice instead of the white gold metal. The yellow gold is the natural form that looks like Sunlight's reflections. Also, in these metals, the purity existences are 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT. Thus, select it according to your ring style.