Moissanite Champagne Jewelry For 2023
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Fancy Champagne Moissanite and Jewelry Trendings In 2023

Moissanite is a synthetic stone and the best alternative to natural and lab-grown diamonds. The structural and symmetrical placements in moissanite are identical to the diamond. The most beneficial fact for these synthetic stones is their versatile appearance in different tints like pink, blue, yellow, black, orange, and champagne. But champagne moissanite is a brown-colored stone that ranges from faint to dark hue intensity.

The scintillation, brilliance, and fire of these artificial stones beat the natural diamonds, so people prefer them for engagement rings and pendants in yellow gold and platinum. The fancy colored moissanite could be the perfect option if your budget can't reach to afford natural or lab-grown colored diamonds.

Meanwhile, in the moissanite stones, you can same identical structure as diamonds from symmetry to facet placements. Many diamond connoisseurs described these synthetic stones as alternative stones and cheaper diamonds. So, don't keep doubts when shopping the moissanite jewelry, especially in the fancy color grade.

When choosing a fancy color stone for an engagement ring or wedding band, a champagne color is the most aesthetic selection ever. In these colored stones, the combination of yellow and brown hue sprinkles the brilliant appearance of every moment. It makes the overall stone appearance captivating with durability and elegance.

Thus, you can select this brown-colored moissanite stone for your love partner and present it confidently. If you have a strong instinct that your spouse doesn't prefer a pink or blue colored stone, then you searching for their's options, right? Champagne moissanite can be the perfect choice for what you want.

This article covers what champagne moissanite is and how it observes the color grades. You have to know the moissanite formation in the dark brown color known as champagne. Also, we cover is the moissanite affordable compared to diamond and lab-grown diamonds in these synthetic stones. Finally, we described and mentioned how the champagne moissanite jewelry should look.

What Is Champagne Moissanite?

The champagne moissanite is a synthetic diamond with a fancy brown chocolaty color in the symmetrical structure, making a difference between it and other colored stones. Due to their distinctive and elegant appearance in engagement rings, the champagne moissanite is known as the perfect choice.

In addition, in the champagne-colored moissanite, the effect of yellow and brown hue exists that offers brown tint reflections. In colored moissanite, the cut choices are round, princess, radiant, cushion, heart, oval, emerald, pear, Asscher, and marquise. All these synthetic stones range from faint to dark colors that depend on the intensity of the hue.

Champagne moissanite isn't 100% durable, but these artificial diamonds still have a 9 - 9.98 score on the Mohs scale out of 10. Thus, if you're looking for the ideal synthetic stone for a diamond with the same appearance, then the moissanite could be first on your list.

How Champagne Moissanite Color Grade Decided?

The champagne moissanite color grade is decided from the hue intensity ranging from faint to dark colors. The presence of nitrogen in moissanite's silicon carbide (SiC) turns the crystal lattice into champagne brown hues. Moissanite is a synthetic stone made in laboratories, so it has been made with full control of the formation process.

In the formation of champagne moissanite, different elements and chemical properties are used to get a desired color in the crystal lattice. In the case of fancy champagne-colored moissanite stone, nitrogen element is used to offer a yellowish hue in the symmetrical balance.

3.05 carat oval step-cut champagne moissanite synthetic stone in VVS clarity

The champagne diamond color grade ranges from C1 to C7, representing faint yellow to dark yellow stone. While there is confusion about the moissanite stone grade in champagne.

Some jewelry connoisseurs say moissanite has C1 to C7 color grade intensity in champagne. While other refers to its range from faint yellow to darker yellow stone. But the reality is in front of you.

We recommend following C1 to C7 color grade for the champagne moissanite stone because it represents the difference between the two grades. For example, in C1 to C3 grade moissanite, the champagne hue intensity isn't so more as the darker stones. While with the C4 to C7 color grade moissanite, the stones appeared darker than before.

Are Fancy Champagne Moissanite Affordable Than Lab-grown Diamonds?

Yes, the fancy champagne moissanite is more affordable than lab-grown diamonds. The price for a 3.05-carat weight champagne-colored moissanite stone is $230 in VVS clarity and C7 (Dark Brown) color grade.

While for a 1.00-carat champagne lab diamond, you have to pay probably around $2000 with VS clarity. The difference tells that with moissanite stone, you can save an extra $1770 that has to be spent on lab diamonds.

With champagne moissanite stone, you can get a brilliant sparkle reflection because they are made with perfection and proper dimensions. So, you can opt for them to make your engagement ring or pendant more elegant and pretty. That's why consumers go with a cost-effective option such as champagne moissanite.

While referring to the quality like clarity, carat weights, cut, and color grades, you can easily find in the moissanite than lab diamonds. Also, these artificial diamonds are made with a total eco-friendly process which carries the "Ethical Stone" tage with itself. So, you can put them in your bag for an affordable jewelry option.

Moissanite V/s. Lab V/s. Natural Diamond Price Compariosn

The intention behind describing the price between moissanite, lab diamond, and natural diamond is to understand why you're paying too much even if the same quality exists at cheap prices. If you put the cost over the quality, it means searching for a low-cost stone in fancy color; then moissanite is a perfect choice.

Meanwhile, the cost of these gems depends on their high quality in color, clarity, carat, cut, and shape.

We mentioned the price distribution for fancy champagne gems in moissanite, lab, and natural diamonds.

Type Of Stone Weight & Shape Clarity & Color Price
Natural Diamond 1.00 CT & Cushion SI2 & Fancy Pink $10,000
Lab-grown Diamond 1.00 CT & Cushion VS & Fancy Pink $1800-2000(app.)
Moissanite 3.05CT & Step Oval Cut VVS & Brown $230

The mentioned price could be vary from the actual.

Champagne Moissanite Jewelry

The choices for champagne moissanite jewelry are engagement rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, and wedding bands. Also, you can opted these fancy colored gemstones in the necklace and chain pendant in elongated and square shape like radiant, emerald, and princess cut.

Selecting the fancy champagne moissanite stone in jewelry signifies the emotional attachment, importance and patience between two individuals. That's why many promise rings are made with the brown champagne colored stones. While other attributes of champagne color refer to humbleness, stability, reliability, honesty, support, and wisdom.

The best clarity for these colored moissanite stones is the FL to VVS, where the anatomy is free from blemishes and inclusions. You can't get a SI or I3 clarity moissanite in champagne color because it looks dull and cloudy, affecting the stone's natural reflection.

You can spend around $1000 to $2500 to select the perfect champagne-colored moissanite jewelry for engagement rings, pendants, or earrings. Within this price slab, you have the option to choose yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold metal. The platinum metal is a hypoallergenic selection ahead of gold and silver.

Champagne Engagement Ring: The Elegance Choice

The champagne-colored stone engagement ring in white gold is an elegant choice to reveal emotions and feelings to your spouse. The selection of the fancy brown champagne color stone offers the combined appearance of yellow tints that makes it versatile. The cost-affordable option in these colored gems could be moissanite, which offers lower prices than lab-grown diamonds.

In the champagne moissanite, your options are brilliant cut, old cuts, rose cut, step cut, and portrait cut. All the cut grades have their own appearance and benefits. For example, brilliant cut moissanite features the exact placement on the anatomy that drives the effulgence. While an old cut diamond refers to the vintage and classical times with the ideal flash reflections.

Fancy champagne colored moissanite OEC halo engagement ring in 18KT white gold

Make sure you opted atleast 2 to 3.5-carat weighted moissanite stone in a round or princess shape with VVS to VS clarity. Also, the cut should be in the Excellent grade that offers a constant scintillation effects on the hands even in sunlight and darkness.

You can fulfill your girlfriend's wish and dream of wearing a colored engagement ring by selecting a colored stone engagement ring. In the engagement ring, the styles are halo, three-stone, vintage, minimalist, solitaire, and cluster exists. So you can choose a one-ring style according to your budget and preferences.

For example, if you have a $600 cost provision to shop a cluster engagement ring in 14KT gold, you have that option in moissanite. While you need a bypass ring band in Toi et Moi style, you have to pay around $800 to get 14KT gold and a 2.50-carat weighted stone.

Champagne Stone Pendant: The Anniversary Gift

If you're searching for a unique anniversary gift that is affordable and available for $800 as jewelry, then a moissanite pendant is a good choice for you. In pendant jewelry, you can choose a style from halo, solitaire, customized flower, and customized filigree work pattern.

All these moissanite pendants are available in oval, radiant, and cushion shapes, which fit your budgets and preferences. You can choose atleast 3.00-CTW colored gems in the VVS to VS clarity and best formation and proportions. Keep in mind when you opted moissanite in colorless or fancy colors, then consider the ideal L/W ratio. Because of that, the final sparkles are reflected.

2.60 carat weighted yellow champagne colored moissanite pendant for women in 18KT white gold

The selection of metal is the most important task because it should comply with the stone's colors. Here, you opted for a fancy brown champagne-colored gemstone, so the suitable metal is yellow gold and white gold. While you can opt the platinum if you prefer the best metal, which is high in quality, over white gold.

Champagne Earrings In Moissanite: The Modern Selection

The champagne earrings in moissanite are the best selection for your wedding anniversary or birthday gift. Consider picking faint champagne-colored gems for earrings because they interact with the 18KT white gold appearance. It's best to select an elongated shape stone like emerald, cushion, and radiant cut with the least cropped corners.

If you need a slight champagne color in the earrings then you can opt a C1 graded moissanite stone that carries a off white and faint yellow tints. If you're looking for glorious and beautiful earrings for $1000, then drop and hoop-designed earrings could be perfect.

VVS clarity emerald and round cut moissanite earrings for women

While purchasing a hoop earring in champagne color, choose a brilliant cut of moissanite stones that looks most precious and suitable. In hoop earrings style, you can opt for small or large carat weighted stones according to your preference. A large-carat weighted champagne moissanite looks more exquisite than a small accent stone.

Pick the ideal quality in the moissanite stone that is helpful for the best light reflections. In earrings, three kinds of metal options are available: silver (925 sterling and 935 argentium), gold (yellow, rose, and white), or 950 platinum. In gold metal, 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT purity are available for earrings metal.

Final Thouhgts

Champagne Moissanite is a type of colored Moissanites which reflects great colorful sparkling lights through the surfaces. In Champagne Moissanite, you can see natural colors like as yellow, blue, chocolate, and red. Champagne Moissanite Jewelry is known for its appearance. That's why in the market, customers select Moissanite Champagne jewelry for its less price and higher quality.

Consider the price that is cheaper for Champagne Moissanite, which can be a better choice for selecting jewelry like engagement rings, earrings, and pendants in 1 carat to 10 carats. Concentrates on selecting the better quality Moissanite Champagne that offers precious reflections.

So, for more information about buying Champagne Moissanite Jewelry, you have to contact our gemologists for the best selection and indications to feel like a worthy buying.


  • Does champagne moissanite have all types of shapes?

In champagne colored moissanite stone, there are 10 kinds of shapes available round, cushion, oval, radiant, heart, emerald, pear, marquise, Asscher, and princess. With these shapes, you can choose from brilliant, step, and rose cut variations that suit your preferences.

  • How much 1 carat champagne moissanite engagement ring?

The 1 carat champagne moissanite engagement ring price could be between $500 to $1000 in 18KT gold or 950 platinum. The ring design, moissanite quality, metal tone/purity usage, and customization affect the price. Thus, pay $500 to $1000 for a champagne moissanite engagement ring. If you want high quality, then increase the purchasing budget.

  • Which ring designs are available for champagne moissanite earrings?

In champagne moissanite earrings, the designs are available as hoop, drop, dangle, stud, and halo. You can choose prominent and budget-friendly moissanite champagne earrings in gold and platinum from the mentioned designs. Most couples select hoop, drop, and dangle designed earrings for a marriage anniversary present. While at the party or function gathering, studs and halo design earrings are ideal choices in champagne moissanite.