Asscher cut moissanite stone
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What Is Moissanite The Comprehensive Guide For Jewelry Selection

Moissanite is known as the diamond alternative due to it's identical surfaces and anatomies. In moissanite, similar characteristics are available as diamond like as the shape, clarity, carat weights and color grades. Moreover, even moissanite carries the varieties in cut grading like old cut, rose cut, step cut, portrait cut, and brilliant cut.

In moissanite stone, the structure is made from Silicon Carbide(SiC), where the silicon elements are found in the crystal seed and powder form. There, the carbon gas pressurizes it and helps to grow the surfaces. After successfully compiling the silicon and carbon, it finally takes the shape of rough or mined stones.

Like lab grown diamonds, moissanite is made in the laboratory where total artificial control exists. In that chamber, the carbon gas utilized for making the grown seed structure which is ideal from all corners and angles. When the seed's structure is grown, it is ready for polishing and cutting procedures.

In this article, you can see the meaning of moissanite and its making process in easy language. Also, if you're considering shopping for moissanite jewelry, understand the reasons that help you before taking any steps. Finally, the appearance of moissanite stone jewelry offers elegance and brilliance. All details include here.

Let's see how moissanite is made and whether it carries the eco-friendly tag for removing the Earth's negative impacts and factors. As a human beings, we must consider the Earth and its environment that can be acceptable for future generations and all the lives on planet.

Moissanite Decoded With Its Meaning

3 Carat VVS clarity Asscher cut moissanite stone

Moissanite is made from silicon carbide(SiC), which means the compound weightage of the silicon and carbon where it successfully reduces some adverse effects from the environment. Moissanite isn’t demanded land mining or heavy electricity for manufacturing, but it’s made with defined limits that emissions minimum impact on the environment.

The light reflections for moissanite are the monopoly of this synthetic stone which beat the diamonds in brilliance factor. Moissanite's brilliance and luminosity are in the higher quality than diamonds, which makes a jewelry appearance exquisite.

The reflection of this synthetic stone generates from the silicon element, it had shining rays and structures that gave all the abilities to the moissanite structures. As a result, moissanite is a very glittering stone used in jewelry.

How is Moissanite made?

Moissanite stone has two different chemical element's characteristics, silicon and carbon in it's structure that makes the stone an ideal diamond alternative. In Lely Method, a powder form of silicon carbide placed in a crucible where it has to bear intense temperature from nitrogen element.

After the powder is melt, then it started to crystallize around the seed and give a larger crystal seed which is ready for cutting and polishing like as diamond polish.

Making process for moissanite stone

After the growing process, a stone is going under the cutting and polishing process for faceting placements and symmetrical structure. Moissanite is used as diamond alternative jewelry for having an accurate faceting and structure. In moissanite stone same structural and brilliance properties are available as natural diamonds.

These elements give durability, shine, and compatibility to the stone, providing overall sustainability to the structure. Silicon is the dark grey colored crystal form that supplies the tangibility in moissanite to blaze the reflections.

Understand that silicon is a complex substance with a bright grey color found in rock forms. Silicon powder element provides a shining and brilliance ability to the moissanite stone which resulting the best reflection from this diamond alternative.

Moissanite Jewelry Benefits/Reasons

The reasons to prefer moissanite jewelry include its diamond alternative capability, cheaper in the prices, same 4cs grades, not mined from land, and offers a certification. Moissanite is counted as the simulant diamond due to its identical structure to the mined diamonds in all circumstances. 

  1. Diamond alternative
  2. Cheaper in the price
  3. Having varieties in 4cs to structures
  4. Don’t require mining
  5. Triquals of brilliance, scintillation, and fire
  6. Authentically certified

Let’s understand these reasons in detail; it can be easier to make it more preferable for anniversary, birthday, engagement, or wedding jewelry.

1. It's a Diamond Alternative

Moissanite is a diamond alternative stone because it has the same characteristics like 4cs grades, symmetry, fluorescence, and dimensions as diamonds. Moreover, the light reflections of the diamonds are similar to the moissanite stone.

The reason behind the light reflections of moissanite stone silicon carbide element. Thus, the moissanite is a good choice when you're planning to offer promise jewelry, but neither want to choose a natural nor lab grown diamond. Moissanite stones' eternal and internal crystal appearance is similar to diamonds.

2. Cheaper Price Synthetic Stone

Sythentic Moissanite is 80% cheaper than diamonds because it’s made with a totally artificial process in the laboratory that cuts all the indirect expenses. As a result, the final cost is consistently down for this simulant stone, so buyers can take advantage of that.

Don’t be assumed that the lower price of moissanite indicates it’s fake or low quality; no, it's an illusion. The moissanite stone has the same characteristics as diamonds, like clarity, carat, cut, color, symmetry, and fluorescence in their structures.

3. Ideal and Prominent 4CS Varieties Existence

In moissanite stone, many varieties are available to choose from 4cs grades to a shape. There is a choice to select the stone in brilliant, rose, step, old, and portrait cut with excellent quality. In addition, this synthetic stone is available in fancy colors like orange, brown, chocolate, blue, red, pink, olive, and all the colors that buyers want to prefer.

The carat weight of moissanite available from 0.30 to 10.00 which shows it's versatility in all shapes. Even buyer want to select the moissanite engagement ring in the customized cut then it's available without putting a much load to bank account.

The clarity grade for moissanite is available from IF (Internally Flawless) and SI (Small Included 1/2) grades. In this clarity grades, FL (Flawless), VVS (Very Very Small Included 1/2), and VS (Very Small Included 1/2) contains. Thus, buyers can choose the stone according to their jewelry types and preferences.

4. It's Not Involved In Mining Process

In the moissanite making process, there is no need to do mine land for decreases fertility. But, this simulant stone is made in the laboratory with the artificial process where all the efforts are implemented to release less environmental footprint.

In the manufacturing process for moissanite, the land is saved from mining; from this perspective, the stone is helpful in sustaining the ecosystems of the environment.

The moissanite stone gain light resonations from the silicon carbide elements, which make them distinctive from other stones, so there's a no need for mining.

5. Triquals Of Brilliance, Scintillation and Fire

Moissanite carries the triquals of brilliance, scintillation, and fire with itself for having the silicon carbide surfaced structures. In the moissanite stone, the light reflections are very impressive and attractive, making it to choose for jewelry as in engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, and bangles.

Moissanite continuously delivers brilliance, scintillation, and fire from its structures which makes it appreciative.

Sometimes, diamonds are failed to reflect the light's resonations compared to this synthetic stone. The diamond is a form of carbon resulting from a natural chemical process in the earth's crust. While moissanite is not mined, but grown artificially, so in that brilliance and scintillation could be added.

6. This Synthetic Stone is Authentically Certified

In moissanite stone, an authenticated certification option is available for knowing the 4cs, dimensions, fluorescence, and symmetry grades. All these factors play a key role in deciding the price and appearance of moissanite stone jewelry.

Golden bird jewels give the authenticated certification for moissanite and jewelry, so buyers can understand what they bought for their loving one with considering the quality and with full transparency.

The certification for moissanite allows to trust the stone's characteristics like color, clartiy, carat, cut, dimensions. The certificate is the on page approval of the expert gemologists who inspect the stone's anatomy for better understanding.

After seeing the reasons to choose moissanite for jewelry. Now, move forward to see this synthetic stone jewelry appearance. Buyers can select all moissanite jewelry for occasions like engagements, weddings, promises, proposals, anniversaries, and surprising presents.

Moissanite Jewelry

Moissanite jewelry is a far good choice for telling the love feelings and emotions towards the loving one with more confidence. Moissanite jewelry is available in 925 silver and 935 silver metal. While you want a gold then it's available from yellow, rose and white tone with 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. Another option is to select 950 platinum metal for the simulant stone jewelry.

When desire to offer an elegant appearance and eco-friendly jewelry to your love partner then your expectations fulfills with a moissanite jewelry from selections of ideal quality in clarity, color, carat and cut grades. With that, you have to pay attention about the shape of moissanite stone that you choose.

  • Engagement Ring
  • Wedding Ring
  • Earrings
  • Bangles
  • Bracelet
  • Necklaces and Pendants

Engagement Rings: The Responsibility Teller

To show commitment and statement in the love relationship, couples exchange engagement rings. Exchanging the engagement rings is part of the tradition that refers from now on couples moving forward with more confidence.

You want to reveal your emotions in front of your partner to get more support then this expectation is fulfilled by moissanite engagement rings. It is a distinctive and eco-friendly choice for shining and stylish appearance.

2 carat oval moissanite halo engagement ring in VVS clarity

In moissanite rings for engagement, many kinds of designs are available: vintage, three-stone, solitaire accent, halo, 2/3 stone (known as Toi et Moi), bridal set, and solitaire. In these ring styles, buyers can choose 1 to 5 carat fancy colors moissanite stones from selecting 14KT gold or 925 sterling silver metal on the band.

The price for moissanite engagement rings starts from $300 and ends at $10000, depending on the quality that the buyer chose. The quality term in the sense of this synthetic stone's carat, cut, clarity, and color grades.

Also, the ring designs influence the prices of moissanite stones. For example, a  1.15 carat moissanite halo engagement ring isavailable for $471.75 with 18KT gold. While a 1 carat round shape moissanite solitaire ring price is $403.75. with 18KT gold Before purchasing a moissanite stone ring for your girlfriend, ask her about the preferred ring design.

Wedding Ring: A Sign Of Holy Relationship

Wedding rings are exchanged on the marriage day between spouses to show fidelity and a lasting symbol of endearment. Couples and spouses also identified wedding rings as wedding bands because of their glorious appearance.

When selecting a ring for a wedding, consider selecting a suitable design from eternity, dainty, channel, bezel, and filigree bands. Also, there is a choice for matching wedding bands to showing an equality and constant support. The design selection for a wedding ring depends on the couple's personal preferences.

But the moissanite wedding ring is one of the beautiful rings that signify a strong attachment between spouses. A selection of moissanite synthetic stone wedding rings offers a proud wearing experience because it's eco-friendly and free from imitation tags. In other words, it represents the uniqueness of a love relationship, which no one can understand except couples.

Round shaped moissanite wedding ring for women

For example, you choose a simple/designed yellow gold plated wedding bands which usually selected to increase mutual understanding and show equality in the relationship. While a filigree engraved wedding band is used to represent a connection between hearts and souls.

A prominent metal purity should be coherence to wedding ring designs. There are three choices in metal selection: Gold, Silver, and Platinum. For a moissanite eternity wedding band, 14KT/18KT white and rose gold are good choices for their exquisite looks. While for a moissanite bridal set wedding bands, 925 sterling silver could be the ideal selection.

Moissanite wedding rings cost $450.50 in VVS clarity and colorless stones with 925 sterling silver metal. But when a you have a budget of around $1000 for a wedding ring, then there's a possibility to add personal touch and make it more distinctive for your bride.

Earrings: The Elegance Reflector

Offering earrings to a love partner has been the most overwhelming experience to feel as her lover. Earrings are worn on the earlobes and other parts of the ears to make an appearance beautiful. In earrings, a moissanite stone selection offers a brilliance and modern look to wearing person.

Moissanite earrings are available in different styles, sizes, and shapes suitable for wearing person and preferences. In earrings, 7 kinds of designs are available: stud, drop, dangle, hoop, chandelier, threader, and huggie. All these earring styles are presented as the love signature and loyalty indicator.

In moissanite stud earrings, the wearing experience is marvelous to be saved the earlobe from injury because it has screw back setting for easy wearing. In stud earrings, mostly gemstones and moissanite synthetic stones combination is used.

Colored moissanite earrings for women

Chandelier earrings are designs worn mainly by brides at their weddings. So, if you're searching for beautiful earrings for a bride, a fancy colored and colorless moissanite stone is a sufficient choice. Selecting a fancy color stone is versatile choice and colorless moissanite shows integrity. Thus, you can offer a pretty and exquisite appearance to your bride.

While hoop earrings have a circular shape, which looks better in a delicate or thin band covering an earlobe. With hoop designed earrings, buyers can add their emotional touch without paying more. In moissanite hoop earrings, the stones are engraved on the shared surfaces prongs that secure anatomy. These earrings are mostly purchased as gift for birthday, 3rd marriage anniversary, and women's day.

Looking for the best but budget friendly present for the loving one, then moissanite earrings are far good enough choice. It depends on the quality because it's available from $100 to $5000. You can choose to select Gold, Silver, or Platinum metal suitable for the earrings designs.

Bangles: The Traditional Selection Of Endearment

A bangle represents the connection and emotional attachment tradition with a spouse. In bangles jewelry, eternity and flush set designs are mostly chosen due to their circumference and offering a experience for wearing a luxurious jewelry. In many traditions, bangles are the symbol of spirituality and commitment indicators.

In India or other Asian countries, a bride has to wear bangles for a wedding because it's an important part of their attire and holds a ceremonial value. Solid bangles are made with plain gold or silver addition with an attractive design or pattern. While cuff bangles are easily opened from the lock and look captivating.

Colorlesss moissanite bangle for women

Moissanite bangles are available in various designs and styles with brilliant cuts or fancy shapes in Gold, Silver, and Platinum. It's available from 1 to 10 carat weights stone with a flush set or filigree work pattern. If someone is looking for a diamond alternative bangle, then a moissanite awaits them.

The 1.30 carat round moissanite bangle price is $2505 in 2.14 Aani size. In this moissanite bangle, all the stones have VVS clarity and a colorless appearance with the 18KT gold addition. Here is the choice to select 14KT gold or 925 sterling metal for the bangle.

Buying the bangle for women, then consider selecting a comfortable wearing size because if the bangle is unfit for the wrist, it provides an annoying experience. Thus select an ideal bangle size when purchasing it for women. Moreover, you can take help from our jewelry sizer to get accurate measurement for a bangle.

Bracelets: The Charming and Pretty Selection

Bracelets are one kind of jewelry that looks charming and beautiful on the hands, and it is worn around the wrist with a loose grip for a better appearance. On many occasions, a bracelet is offered as love, endearment, and a promising present for future life.

For wedding gifts, the bride's parents select a bracelet for their daughter to offer the finest appearance to the world's pretty women. In bracelets, there is a choice to select birthstones, gemstones, diamonds, lab grown diamonds for a stylish wearing experience.

Colorless moissanite tennis bracelet for girlfriend

But, a moissanite bracelet is a good selection without compromising quality due to the less budget for buying. Between $300 to $1000, buyers can choose a beautiful tennis bracelet in these synthetic stones. In moissanite bracelets, fancy shaped stones are mostly used, such as princess, cushion, pear, heart, oval, and Asscher.

A tennis bracelet looks more captivating when it has been selected in VVS clarity and atleast 3 to 5 carat weight moissanite stones. Fancy colored moissanite also look more precious and wonderful in the bracelets offering a versatility to the wearer.

A bracelet is used as an alternative to bangle jewelry because both of these ornaments are worn on the wrists. But bracelets have a more beautiful appearance on the hands than a bangle. As a result, brides and fiancee prefers to choose a charm tennis bracelet for better appearance.

You can offers a moissanite bracelet to your spouse as Valentine's and birthday presents. Consider choosing a certified moissanite stone for bracelets which provides an authentication for your love signature jewelry.

Necklace and Pendant: The Women's Luxury

A moissanite necklace and pendant can be given as a unique gift to a loving one because it refers to tie knotting the relationship between two individuals. A pendant shows the commitment and connection to spouse. When desiring to offer a unique appearance to your girlfriend on her birthday, then a moissanite pendant is a good choice, and it's available with gold and silver metals.

Before marriage, a you offers a pendant to your fiancee shows from now on, all the grief and happiness your own. You're trying to solve and handle all the situation with the support of your spouse.

This attribute removes unnecessary doubts and arguments from the love nexus and provides a happy married life. As a result, couples prefer to shop for pendant jewelry instead of a necklace.

Antique cut moissanite pendant for women

For an exclusive and distinctive gift of a love relationship, a VVS clarity moissanite pendant is ideal for revealing feelings and emotions to a girlfriend. The 3 carat weighted moissanite pendant price is $726.75 in VVS clarity, colorless stones, and 18KT gold.

In the moissanite stone pendant, there is a choice to select a brilliant cut and rose cut according to considering the pendant designs. For example, a rose cut moissanite suitable for solitaire designs pendants with 14KT gold and 925 sterling silver. While a brilliant cut, moissanite stones are the ideal choice for three-stone, halo, and customized pendants in the 935 Argentium silver.


Moissanite is a diamond substitute made in the laboratory and gives tough competition to diamonds. In moissanite jewelry, many options are available to select as per the buyer’s preferred criteria, like an engagement ring in 10kt gold or 925 silver. Consider the reasons before deciding to purchase moissanite jewelry.

Now, you're aware that moissanite, which has the name abbreviation of synthetic stone and simulant stone, refers to a diamond alternative. When buying moissanite jewelry, you have to ensure originality and transparency in the purchase.

Golden Bird Jewels offering ensures originality and transparency in the purchase to worlwide buyers. If you want to buy customized moissanite jewelry in the form of love with the lower price but greater quality, then contact us. We allow you to knock on our door for any queries about purchasing moissanite jewelry.

We assure that your concern is solved with the proper flow that makes you feel better and safe to move forward with us.