Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite difference

Cubic Zirconia vs Moissanite

Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia were known as simulant diamonds or diamond substitutes. But there is a major difference between both of those. So, we understand the basic and fundamental difference between Cubic Zirconia, and Moissanite from A TO Z.

Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia are known for their own brilliance and scintillation. Moissanite is made from silicon carbide crystal, and Cubic Zirconia is the solid form of Zirconium Oxide. Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia have the same appearance, but the main difference is the making and crafting process.

Let’s identify those factors which make a wall between Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite. In our survey, we found that 64% of customers understand that Cubic Zirconia is similar to Moissanite, but out of them, they’re not aware of the reality. So we investigate tiny facts related to Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia to identify which is best for you.

  • Difference of Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite

Differentiate Points

Cubic Zirconia



Cubic Zirconia is found from Baddeleyite, a chemical element which is found in crystal forms. Cubic Zirconia has the solid form of monoclinic crystal seed. 

Moissanite was invented from the combination of silicon and carbon elements. In Moissanite’s foundation, Silicon contributes in larger amounts than carbon elements. 

Founded Year

Cubic Zirconia was founded in 1892 and, after 130 years, still gets the demands from across the world.

Moissanite was found after one year of Cubic Zirconia foundation in 1893. Today, Moissanite covers up a major part of the jewelry market.

Making Process

Cubic Zirconia is made from zirconium oxide powder. Zirconium Oxide powder melts at 3000°C. After bearing this vast amount of temperature, the CZ crystal is ready for the polishing process.

Moissanite is made with silicon carbide seed. In a chamber of carbon gas, the solid form seed of silicon and carbon is placed. After the seed is placed, it is pressurized at 3000-4000°C temperature. 


Cubic Zirconia is an eco-friendly diamond simulant or substitute because the making of Cubic Zirconia is not harmful to society and nature.

Moissanite is also an eco-friendly diamond substitute or alternative due to consuming less water and energy. It isn't made by cutting trees for land mining.


Cubic Zirconia has a lower price than Moissanite due to consuming less energy and resources of finance. For example, 1.00 carat Cz has a price of $35. How cheap it is.

Moissanite takes more time to grow than Cubic Zirconia because it taking more energy  for better sparkle. For 1.00 carat Moissanite, you have to spend $120-150 (approximately). 

Conflict Free Or Conflicted?

Cubic Zirconia is a conflicted diamond alternative when it is naturally found and made from mined zircon and baddeleyite. While artificial Cubic Zirconia does not get a conflicted diamond substitute badge because it’s not made from mined ingredients like baddeleyite.

Moissanite is made from silicon and carbon. In the making of Moissanite, silicon and carbon combination crystals are used. In scientific terms, Moissanite consumes artificial ingredients in the laboratory. Then it is conflict free to get engraved in an engagement ring.


Cubic Zirconia is not certified by any institutions like IGI and GIA because it is a piece of crystal and the certification charge is more than its price.

Moissanite is certified with IGI institutes which gives a better understanding of the Loose Moissanite components.


Cubic Zirconia is determined by color, carat, and shape. There is no clarity grade available because All Cz is found in one clarity category, like VVS. 

Moissanite has 4cs like cut, clarity, color, and carat because Moissanite has all standards which are essential to follow GIA 4 c's Guidelines.

Reflection Ability. 

Cubic Zirconia Reflection Ability has a 2.15-2.18 refractive index, which is excellent for sparking a fire and looking like a small glitter star.

Moissanite has a 2.65-2.96 refractive index, which is 25% more than Cubic Zirconia, so Moissanite sparkles more than Cubic Zirconia.


Cubic Zirconia has an 8.5 Mohs Scale rating. However, it still has a hardness that requires Cubic Zirconia Engagement RING or other jewelry.

Moissanite’s Mohs Scale rating Shows a 9.25 number, which is also suitable for a durable moissanite engagement ring or wedding jewelry to make it sustainable. 

Best of the best

Cubic Zirconia has less durability, but it gives a mind-blowing sparkling amount than Diamond reflection sparkle at a lowest price.

Moissanite also has tremendous sparkling reflection than Cubic Zirconia, but yes, by all standards, Moissanite is better than Cubic Zirconia.