Moissanite bridal wedding set ring in gold

Top 10 Moissanite Bridal Sets Rings For Modern Women

"Bridal ring sets hold immense importance in love relationships, symbolizing commitment, unity, and shared milestones. These sets typically include an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. The benefits are multifold: they ensure a coordinated and aesthetically pleasing look, signify the enduring connection between partners, and simplify the ring selection process. Bridal ring sets also convey a thoughtful, cohesive approach to expressing love and dedication, providing a tangible representation of the couple's journey and shared commitment to a lifetime of love and partnership."

Moissanite rings, especially for a wedding it’s carries different variations like old cut, rose cut, brilliant cut, and fancy cut. Buyers have the choice to pick their favorite bridal set rings for their brides and loving ones. Moissanite bridal sets have a cheap price, but they seem to be of a heavier quality and appearance.

All of these bridal rings are made with moissanite stones, the best diamond alternative after lab-grown diamonds. Compared to naturally mined diamonds, moissanite remains cheap in price with the additional and exceptional fire, scintillation, and brilliance appearance in their crystal. As a result, it has not been selected only in bridal wedding rings but also in engagement and promise rings.

In addition, with a selection of moissanite, you're releasing and presenting a good environmental impact for future generations. Moissanite stones are made in an ethical atmosphere, especially a laboratory where all the moral practices are followed.

Apart from the natural diamonds tagged as the "Blood Diamonds," these moissanite gems remain conflict-free in all aspects.

As a result, it has been selected for wedding matching bands in fancy colors like brown champagne, blue, yellow, black, red, pink, orange, purple, green, lavender, and aqua blue. For different hue intensities like fancy vivid, dark, fancy light, and deep shades available with these ethically made diamond alternative stones.

You can select them in different shapes like square princess cut, elongated emerald cut, round brilliant cut, cushion square shape, curved oval shape, and pear shape. Also, there is an option to pick customization in the moissanite, and you can insist on additional personalization like dimension changing, color grades, clarity, and carat weights.

Let's see the top 10 Moissanite bridal sets for selection in 2023 as wedding rings for brides. All these rings are made from white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold with better quality graded moissanite stones.

If you can't find your matching bridal wedding ring set, don't be refused and sad. There is an option to make your own precious and personalized ring that speaks to your emotions and thoughts. We have that option for every buyer. Contact us for more information.

Top 10 Moissanite Bridal Sets For Every Brides In 2023

Are you searching for the perfect wedding ring that looks beautiful and stands for your loyal attribute in the love relationship? Then, you can select a moissanite bridal set. These ring sets are interpreted as engagement rings with wedding bands. When a giver, especially a man, wants to give a wonderful gift to his love partner, a bridal set ring is a good choice ahead of a solitaire or a three-stone ring design.

Here's the list of the moissanite bridal ring sets for women.

  1. Eternal Love Band
  2. Dream Catcher Ring
  3. Purity Reflection Ring Set
  4. Antique Vintage Band
  5. Royal Bridal Set Ring
  6. Love Wedding Ring Band Set
  7. Joy Of Tears Ring
  8. Compliment Bridal Ring Set
  9. Love Eye Ring Band
  10. Motivating Bridal Set Band

These bridal sets are made with the .50 to 5.00 carat weights and fancy colors moissanite stones. Also, here in these wedding jewelry, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold has been used. You can select these diamond-appeared gems in every shape and clarity grades according to your preference. So, when selecting a bridal wedding rings for your love then consider, there is an option for customization.

In customization, you can insist on an engraving of your name, a special date (your first meeting date), a special short romantic message, and a place name where you first time met. Apart from engraving, you have the choice to pick a customization option and change the design of the ring sets according to your preference, like bypass or infinity spiral bands. In ring prong settings, you can pick different designs and additions.

Let’s now see the Moissanite bridal sets that can be your wedding ring choice for 2023.

1. Eternal Love Band Ring Set

Oval Moissanite Bridal Set In Yellow Gold

This oval moissanite bridal set is made with the 18KT yellow gold simple matching band that shows an eternal love bonding. Here, on this bridal band, a 1.35 carat weight colorless oval moissanite stone is used that represents an unparalleled combination. A round cut gem is fixed on the eternity band that is counted as a wedding ring, and an oval solitaire ring refers to the engagement ring.

An oval ring set is a good choice for revealing the significance of the loving one in life. Oval refers to the glamorous beauty and responsibility that could be more prominent in the wedding ring. A white or rose gold tone is an option to pick for the wedding bands, but it is your priority when opting for it.

For the best appearance on the fingers in bridal sets, the ideal carat weight should be 1.50 to 5. Also, consider the best clarity grades and fancy colors for the ring according to your intention. For example, a pink oval bridal ring brings a romantic message with itself. While a red oval matching wedding ring set refers to the passionate affection of recipients.

2. Dream Catcher Ring For Wedding

Cocktail Ring In Yellow Gold For Bride

Going to shop for a unique bridal ring set that stands for your love relationship's dreams? Then, see this vintage-designed ring for women with a round rose-cut center stone with marquise and round cut stones in the rings. An 18KT yellow gold has been added to this ring for a shining and better appearance on the personality. You can pick rose gold for more romantic appeal and matching jewelry for her wedding gown.

This ring design is interpretes as a cocktail ring that is a luxuriant choice for wedding rings because it gives a premium wearing experience. In cocktail rings for weddings, there are four ring styles exists in one frame as halo, eternity, and shared prongs bands, and bypass bands. In this moissanite ring, there is many variations available as brilliant to rose cut stones, VVS to SI clarity, and Colorless to Fancy colors.

For a better appearance on the hands, you have to select the correct ring size. If you opt for the wrong size, it might be very loose or tight, causing injury and accidental loss. Every country has different ring size measurement charts and dimensions. So, when you pick a ring for the wedding, consider the right ring size, and if you have any doubts, you can contact your jewelry store. They will guide you to get a ring size with perfection.

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3. Purity Reflector Bridal Ring Set

Cushion cut moissanite bridal wedding ring set for women in white gold

In this purity reflector bridal wedding ring set, a 2.40 carat elongated cushion cut moissanite is fixed in the claw prong settings. An 18KT white gold metal is used here for the ring's natural ideal appearance on the wedding outfit. With the elongated cushion cut, round brilliant cut stones are fixed on the band in shared prong designs that represents purity and clarity from both love partners.

Usually, the cushion has square shapes identical to the princess cut, but the rectangular shape is the best choice for a radiant cut alternative. If you need a sparkle as radiant cut gems, a cushion will be a good option, whether it's a colorless or a blue or olive green fancy color. Aside from the cushion shape, an emerald cut is an ideal option for a better appearance on the fingers and any attires.

In a love relationship, purity is the essential factor for love partners that leads their relation to new heights. So, a man presents this ring to a woman (his fiancée) on the beach at a candlelight dinner, and then he wants to show his purity and abstinence regarding any misconduct. As a result, to appeal this emotional attachment, lover partners prefer to gift a bridal wedding ring set on their special day; it's not a birthday, but on a "Wedding Day."

4. Antique Vintage Looking Bridal Band

Moissanite Vintage Ring In Yellow Gold

Did you love a round brilliant cut's sparkle reflection? Of course you says, "Yes." In this wedding ring, a 1.85 round cut moissanite takes a center stage with a six buttong prong settings and gorgeous engraving designs. For a bright looks on the fingers, a 18KT yellow gold is added and the overall designs refers to the vintage looking ring. You can select this ring as your wedding ring, in rose gold or a platinum, too with a red or olive green colored center stone.

The most important thing about vintage ring design is their formation and crafting balance with the gems, materials and providng stability to the overall appearance. As a result, to make a wedding day moment more mesmerized these ring designs are selected that is capable to offer royal and prestigious appearance even with a moissanite diamond alternative stones.

Also, if you called this bridal wedding ring set as "Art Deco Ring," then nothing wrong with it. The engraving and design creation on the band of this ring brings a beautiful look for the wedding gown and dress outfit. Meanwhile, if she wants to wear it daily routine work then it's also possible. But, consider to remove the moissanite band during the swimming and high temperature atmoshphere. That's not useful for the securing the precious metals and materials on the band.

When talking about the metal tone and material selection in any ring design then consider the below mentioned options, as per your preferences.

Metal Tone Variations Best Thing
Gold Yellow/Rose/White 10KT/14KT/18KT Suitable In Every Designs
Platinum Greyish-White 950 Luxurious Choice
Silver Shining White 925 Sterling/935 Argentium Ideal For Bridal Ring Set Rings

5. Royal Looking Bridal Ring Set

Rose gold bridal wedding ring set with a blue pear shaped moissanite stone

Are you looking for such a meaningful and royal bridal wedding ring set for around $500? Then we made it for you. In this rose gold ring, a 1.45 carat blue pear moissanite is placed in a halo design that adds more sparkle and shine that speaks to your feelings and dazzles your appearance. A three-layer band is created to match wedding outfits and any attire.

Blue diamonds refer to royal looks, calmness, responsibility, and dedication. But natural diamonds are very rare, and their costs always remain high. Even for a 1.00 carat, they sold around $84K to $150K per carat. So, what is the option for you if you have only a $1000 budget?

Fancy colored moissanite stones are the best option for diamonds that can give identical sparkle, brilliance, and scintillation on the ring designs, whether it's a bridal ring set or a halo engagement ring. They're available in blue, yellow, red, pink, champagne, and many shades that appear as precious gems.

When opting for a moissanite, then check if they're a real moissanite diamond alternative stone or not. For that, you have to get an authenticated certificate and written approval from the expert gemologist. We offer this service upon request, so when you purchase any jewelry from us, we provide our expert analysis in the authenticated certification report.

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6. Love Wedding Ring Band Set

Round Moissanite Wedding Ring In White Gold

In a love relationship, couples like to enjoy the moments that feature romance and dedication to themselves. To point out this appeal, a round diamond-like moissanite bridal set with a white gold band will be the perfect choice. The brilliance and ideal appearance of the round cut stones refer to the "Bright Future Life."

This bridal ring set is made with the 2.25 carat weight round brilliant cut moissanite stone where the claw prong settings have properly gripped it. Prong settings in rings holds the overall framework exclusively that saves precious metals and gems from fallen. Here, in this ring design, two separate gold bands are given where one band is referred to as the solitaire ring, and the other is the wedding eternity band. So, if you're searching for a white gold engagement ring with a wedding band, select this ring design.

In the wedding ring selection with moissanite, consider the ideal size and carat weights because these factors affect the overall costs and appearance. For example, a 2 to 7 carat weight range is perfect for you when your budget is around $300 to $1500. As you opt for higher quality grades in the ring, like flawless clarity, dark red color, and 7.00 carat weights, then the price will be hiked without any compromise.

7. Joy Of Tears Ring

Pear Moissanite Wedding Ring For White Gold

When two individuals gather in a single love relationship, they have to face some moments when tears are very common, like a fiancée has to go for office work for a month outside the country. Then, the pain of staying far away is not countable for couples. But, to make those moments of joyful and enjoyable, pear shaped bridal wedding ring sets are given in white gold and platinum.

Here, in this wedding ring, a 1.50 carat weight pear cut moissanite stone is used for a better look on the finger. The one band is made with the pear shaped moissanite stone halo ring where the accent stones are engraved on the white gold band. Another white gold separate matching band has half eternity design with the round brilliant cut moissanite.

When selecting a pear shaped stone then, the clarity grade is very important. For a colorless stone, VVS to VS clarity will be an ideal option because these grades have no more inclusions and blemishes on the crystals. Moissanite may contain scratches as diamond inclusions. So, when you need constant brilliance in every atmosphere, prioritize the clarity grade selection.

8. Compliments Giving Ring Set

Radiant cut moissanite bridal wedding ring set in white gold

Wedding bridal ring sets in elongated shape look bigger than a square one, especially a radiant and emerald cut. Many love partners prefer a colorless radiant cut for a bridal ring in wedding bridal sets. White gold is mostly chosen for this ring design, but with the yellow gold and rose gold, the appearance vibes are different. Identify your needs and expectations, then pick a metal tone for the ring.

This moissanite wedding ring is made with pure 18KT white gold material, which is the alternative option for silver and platinum. Additionally, a 2.35 carat weighted brilliant cut radiant shaped moissanite is fixed on the center, and around it, round moissanite stones are placed. You can pick this ring design for your engagement ring gift to make the wedding promise real and ideal for everyone.

The radiant cut is the emblem of the transparency and clarity that exists in every relationship. Thus, with this diamond-like shape ring, you can purchase it as a wedding present for your love partner. The length and sharp edged corners of the radiant cut stones indicate to pick them for the wedding ring, whether it's a 5.00 US Size or a 7.00 Size ring.

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9. Love Eye Wedding Band

Yellow gold bridal wedding ring set for women

When a bridal ring is gifted to a woman by her fiancé, then it shows not an ordinary thing, but from that, love and romance will reflect. A marquise cut stone refers to the "Eye of Love Relationship," which helps couples to see everything from a different point of view and conclude a common thing from that. This brings a parallel thinking and emotional connection between a love partner. As a result, it has been selected with the 2.00 to 5.00 carat weights in yellow gold and rose gold material.

This wedding ring is made with the 1.80 carat weight fancy marquise cut diamond-like stone in four claw prong settings. Another matching band is the full eternity band that contains round cut moissanite and shining yellow gold material. The cost of this ring design starts from $208.25 with a 925 Sterling Silver material band, while for a 950 Platinum addition, the price reaches $845.75. There is a choice to select a fancy Dutch marquise cut stone within the price range.

Aside from the colorless diamond-like gem selections, fancy colored moissanite will be an extraordinary choice for the eternity band selected for bridal ring sets. Also, consider your bride's entire jewelry set and choose the diamond-appeared jewelry according to that. If you like a colorless moissanite bridal ring, choose the ideal matching hoop earrings that looks proper with your daily appearance. Also, if you need a stud earrings designs for her in gold and platinum, it's also possible with a customization.

10. Motivating Bridal Wedding Ring Set

White gold wedding bridal ring set for women in colorless cushion cut moissaite stones

In a love relationship, when two individuals start to make decisions parallelly, that helps them take their bond to new heights every moment. Every love partner has different thinking, representing their individuality in a relationship, whether a man or woman. To justify their identity and respect, motivation is important, which is offered from the bridal set rings, especially square round shaped cushion cut stones.

Here, in this white gold wedding bridal ring set, a 2.65 carat weighted round shaped cushion cut that has VVS clarity grade is used. An 18KT white gold makes this wedding ring more precious with the matching appearance of colorless moissanite stones. The infinity band pattern is created for this special ring, and most importantly, double claw prong settings are made for extra durability on the overall framework of the ring.

Cushion cuts have been used in engagement rings and wedding eternity bands, but in the bridal wedding matching sets, they bring an additional beautiful appearance to the fingers. As a result, when a couple is provisioned with a budget to shop for a ring for a wedding, they wisely make a decision on it because it represents their emotional attachment to their love partners. Another interpretation is that a cushion cut is similar to the elongated radiant cut stones, and it's an interesting fact to understand that.


Bridal ring sets are not just jewelry or ornaments that have been mandatorily gifted to women. But it is given as a sign of commitment, loyalty, dedication, support, love, and romance. Couples prefers a matching bands with these ring designs and they opted for a fancy colors that makes their love symbol meaningful.

Moissanite is the perfect choice for the bridal wedding ring set because it has cheap costs and ethical making practices with the certifications. Also, it is a second-ranked diamond alternative gem next to the artificial lab-grown diamonds. In moissanite, every shape, size, quality, clarity, color, and dimension are available as per the customer's preference.

In moissanite bridal ring sets, there is an option to customize your wedding ring according to your preferences. If you want to engrave a word or a short romantic message on the band, then it's available at free of charge. Meanwhile, every jewelry store does not allow this choice, and if then it's a premium facility, customers have to pay additional costs.

Want to make your wedding ring set that matches her wedding gown and dress with a personalization? Then let's talk about it. Don't worry. We have the best deal for whether your priority is budget or a brilliant appearance. Your one-stop solution for wedding jewelry contains in it.

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