Moissanite Bridal Wedding Sets For Bride

Top 10 Moissanite Bridal Sets For All Brides In 2023

A wedding is one type of moment where the person is mesmerized and feels happy for getting support from the loving one. At the wedding, couples exchanges feelings and love, but with that, a ring sets they give to each other. Therefore, moissanite bridal sets are the optimum choice for the selection of wedding rings.

Moissanite rings, especially for a wedding it’s carries different variations like old cut, rose cut, brilliant cut, and fancy cut. Buyers have the choice to pick their favorite bridal set rings for their brides and loving ones. Moissanite bridal sets have a cheap price, but they seem to be of a heavier quality and appearance.

Let’s see the top 10 Moissanite bridal sets for selection in 2023 as wedding rings for brides. All these Moissanite wedding rings are made from white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold with better quality graded Moissanite.

Top 10 Moissanite Bridal Sets For Every Brides In 2023

  1. Oval Moissanite Bridal Set
  2. Cocktail Ring
  3. Radiant Cut Moissanite Ring
  4. Moissanite Vintage Ring
  5. Blue Moissanite Ring
  6. Round Moissanite Ring
  7. Pear Moissanite Wedding Set
  8. Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring
  9. Marquise Moissanite Ring
  10. Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring

Moissanite bridal sets are available from 0.50 carat weights to 10 carats, depends on the buyer’s choice which they prefers. In Moissanite wedding rings, which are called as bridal sets available in antique cuts like Dutch marquise, Portuguese cut, Old European/Mine cut, and many vintage cuts.

Let’s now see the Moissanite bridal sets that can be your wedding ring choice for 2023.

1. Oval Moissanite Bridal Set

Oval Moissanite Bridal Set In Yellow Gold

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An oval moissanite bridal set is a good choice for revealing the significance of the loving one in life. Oval moissanite stone refers to the glamorous beauty and responsibility that could be more prominent in the bridal wedding ring. A white or rose gold tone is an option in an oval bridal set.

For the best appearance on the hands with the Oval Moissanite Bridal set, the ideal carat weight should be 1.50 to 5. But, of course, it depends on the buyer’s choice of which type of bridal set they want.

2. Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Ring In Yellow Gold For Bride

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A cocktail ring is a luxuriant choice for wedding rings because it gives a premium wearing experience. In cocktail rings for weddings, including three ring styles in one frame, halo, eternity, and shared prongs bands. The Moissanite cocktail ring has many variations as brilliant to rose cut stones, VVS to SI clarity, and Colorless to Fancy colors.

Another option is to select a cocktail ring in silver, platinum, and gold tones. A cocktail ring is a representative for the classic wedding ring. Make your bride’s appearance like a diva from selecting a cocktail ring with favorite stones shapes.

3. Radiant Cut Moissanite Ring

Radiant Cut Moissanite Wedding Ring

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A radiant cut Moissanite ring is one of the best pickings for the wedding in the form of a bridal set. In the radiant cut ring, the length and facets of the Moissanite are placed at their respective space. That helps to giving constant light reflections.

The radiant bridal set comes with a halo and a separate single band that is plated with gold/silver/platinum; it’s a buyer's choice.

In Moissanite wedding rings, the radiant cut is honest and the finest choice for forming the reflections of continuous lights. The carat weight range for the radiant Moissanite wedding ring should be between 1 to 7 carats weights; buyers can select it from their preferences.

4. Moissanite Vintage Ring

Moissanite Vintage Ring In Yellow Gold

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A Moissanite vintage ring available in antique cut and rose cut where buyers can experience the gorgeous lights reflections. In the vintage Moissanite ring, the band is covered with the art deco style, making it preferable for purchase as a wedding ring. The vintage ring carries fame and is brilliant looking with better quality.

Select the vintage Moissanite ring for the wedding from yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Another option is 925 silver and 935 silver for the Moissanite ring to shines as the moon’s lights. The platinum selection in the Moissanite wedding ring is the advanced choice.

5. Blue Moissanite Ring

Blue Moissanite Ring In White Gold For Wedding

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A blue Moissanite ring refers to calmness, responsibility, and dedication. So, a blue colored Moissanite stone in a bridal set ring for the wedding ring is the best selections.

A blue colored Moissanite rings available from 1 carat to 10 carats weights with higher quality grades. There is a choice to select gold/platinum/silver in the Moissanite bridal set in blue color.

A Moissanite stone has shape variations like radiant, emerald, pear, oval, asscher, cushion, marquise, heart, princess, and round. Thus, select Moissanite bridal set in fancy colors with shape variations.

6. Round Moissanite Ring

Round Moissanite Wedding Ring In White Gold

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A round Moissanite ring gives tangible brilliance reflections because it has 58 facets in a fancy shape that controls the appearance of the light. The look of a round Moissanite bridal set depends on the quality, so make sure it has been in the higher grades.

Moissanite bridal sets have cut grades choices in round shape, such as brilliant, antique, rose, step, and Portuguese cuts.

The carat weight in a round Moissanite ring it should be selected wisely because once finalized, it’s far possible to change frequently. A 2 to 5 carat weights are a good selection for the round Moissanite bridal sets. Buyers can increases these ranges for the carat weights.

7. Pear Moissanite Wedding Set

Pear Moissanite Wedding Ring For White Gold

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A pear Moissanite wedding set is the most appealing selection because it signifies the teardrop shape. A pear ring is called as the teardrop ring because it removes the tears and sadness from the relationship.

In the pear moissanite ring, the white gold and yellow gold controls the optimum appearance on the hands.

From 1 carat to 5 carats weighted Moissanite pear is enough choice for the bridal wedding set but consider it’s the better quality like VVS or VS clarity, Colorless/Fancy colors, and Cut grade.

8. Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring

Emerald Cut Moisannite Wedding Ring

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The Emerald cut is the emblem of the transparency and clarity that is exist in every relationship. Thus, an emerald cut Moissanite ring as a wedding present is a very admiring selection with rose gold or white gold. Buyers can customize their bridal wedding ring set in emerald cut Moissanite with their preference.

Emerald cut Moissanite stone has a length that is kept aside from other shapes for selection in the wedding ring. For Emerald cut wedding rings in Moissanite, the carat weight picking should be between 1 to 8 carats because big carats carry wider and longer anatomy of Moissanite.

9. Marquise Moissanite Ring

Marquise Moissanite Wedding Ring In Yellow Gold

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Marquise shapes are an appealing choice for fancy bridal wedding sets because they carry a narrow and lengthy surface combination. A marquise Moissanite ring is available for all brides to celebrate the loving wedding moments. From yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold variation available for the Moissanite bridal sets.

Select the marquise Moissanite ring with the higher quality grades that makes it more glorious and precious on the hands. The price of the Moissanite ring depends on the quality grades. A 3.15 carat weighted Moissanite bridal set wedding ring price is $960 with 14kt gold.

10. Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring

Cushion Cut Moissanite Wedding Ring In White Gold

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A cushion cut Moissanite ring for a wedding is counted as a loving choice because it combines the princess and round shapes. The options in the cushion Moissanite wedding ring are natural square and elongated shapes for selection. A yellow fancy colored Moissanite is a good choice for the bridal set.

All types of customizations are available in the cushion Moissanite bridal sets, like VVS clarity to FL clarity, colorless to fancy colors, and gold or platinum additions. We have all the options for making the wedding ring within budget but exceeding expectations.


Moissanite bridal sets includes brilliant, antique, and rose cut stones that have been graded with the proper alignment and dimensions for a better appearance. It’s the buyers choice which type of Moissanite stones they have to prefer for the wedding rings.

The price of the Moissanite bridal sets starts from $300 and reaches to $5000 depends on the quality like clarity, carat, gold, or platinum usage with the purity.

Need a customized bridal set for the wedding with the certification, then contact us. We can make it for you without breaking the budget provision for buying wedding rings in Moissanite.